Trader Referrals and Trading Competition Initiative

The Kwenta MarketingDAO has received a ton of support from the community over the past several months, and we greatly appreciate everyone’s efforts. With your help, Kwenta is on its way to becoming a household name within the cryptocurrency space. As our devs continue to roll out important feature upgrades, Kwenta’s community will become even more important to make sure traders understand the benefits of using Kwenta, and in the Optimism ecosystem broadly.

Latest Initiatives

These latest 2 initiatives from the Kwenta MarketingDAO are some of the most exciting yet, and require deep involvement and coordination with community members. To provide a bit more context on these opportunities, we will be holding a brief community call, however attendance is not required to participate.

Large Trader Referrals

Kwenta working alongside the SNX Grants Council is spearheading a new initiative to drive volume to the Synthetic Futures product and collect valuable feedback from our traders. Due to the 0 slippage model currently being used, we believe larger traders are the user segment most likely to see the benefits of using Kwenta, and forming close connections with these users will maximize customer retention and help Kwenta identify the most pressing needs for traders.

You can find details on the incentive structure below, or go directly to the typeforms to apply:

If you’re a large trader interested in participating in the program:Fill out the trader application

If you’d like to help recruit large traders for the MarketingDAO:Fill out the affiliate application

Current Incentive Structure

  • Approved traders will have 100% of fees rebated on the first $1mm notional volume or 3 weeks of trading, whichever comes first. Rebates will be distributed in OP tokens at the conclusion of the program.

  • Traders reaching the target of $1mm notional volume will receive up to 50 Kwenta tokens on a 1 year unlock schedule. Locked tokens may be redeemed early by burning a portion of locked Kwenta. Token packages will be tailored to each trader prior to beginning the program.

  • Community members who refer a trader will receive at least 500 OP tokens when a trader their referral reaches the target of $1mm notional volume. OP rewards may increase if the trader you’ve referred proves exceptionally valuable to the Kwenta community.

  • These incentives are subject to change. Please contact Burt Rock if you have questions about the program.

Not sure if you know any large traders? That’s okay, you might be surprised at your own connections! If you’re active in any cryptocurrency related communities or have followers on Twitter, we can help you tailor your messaging and track down interested parties.

Trading Competition Marketing Initiative

You may have noticed a juicy 1,000 SNX incentive posted in our recent marketing tickets. To clarify what we’re looking for, here are some important points about this compensation.

  • 1,000 SNX is a total budget target including your reimbursement costs and labor. While we’d love to have much larger marketing initiatives in the future, our first trial run has set this as a soft limit.

  • Actual SNX compensation will be offered once the details of the initiative are agreed upon by the community, and will depend on the scale of the initiative and your level of involvement. You’re welcome to privately discuss your plan with Burt Rock, or present the proposal directly to the community in our community marketing channel.

  • Open-ended marketing initiatives may be straightforward agreements with the DAO to take on the expense of traditional ad campaigns using materials provided by Kwenta, or could include initiatives which you design and implement from the ground up.

Although the trading competition is a great opportunity for these types of initiatives, we are always willing to consider similar initiatives, and will work with you to plan around important product launches and community events. If you have an idea, contact Burt Rock or post it in the community marketing channel.

A Word about the Agency

If you’re a member of the Agency, you may have noticed the channels have become a bit quiet. In the coming weeks, the Agency will be developing an opt-in process by which Agents can gain access to introductory tasks, making it easier to onboard and identify community members who are exceptionally helpful at managing and boosting our social media messaging.

To all existing Agents, thanks so much for everything you do. Even the smallest retweets help make sure Kwenta is constantly buzzing in the hearts and minds of the cryptocurrency community. Expect regular pings to continue for particularly important posts, especially as we begin the trading competition.

For those interested in joining the Agency, tag or message Burt Rock to request the trainee role. If you have friends who would be particularly valuable assets, don’t hesitate to refer them.

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