V2 LFU is Live

Introducing a New Look for Kwenta V2 on Optimism!

At the beginning of this year, core contributors embarked on a mission: to significantly crank the trading experience on Kwenta in preparation for the upcoming launch of the new V3 Perps mechanism. With freakish attention to detail, engineers have completely overhauled all facets of Kwenta, from the landing page and beyond.

We are incredibly excited to share that we have completed our V2 Perps upgrade on Optimism dubbed V2X! With this release our team of engineers bring the Kwenta Community the most substantial round of optimizations to V2 since launching back in December of 2022. Showcasing our commitment to continuous improvement.

In a Hurry? Here’s a TL:DR on what’s new:

  • Superior Splash (new landing page)

  • A Revamped Dashboard/Portfolio overview

  • Fresh Trading UI

  • Increased visibility into account activity

  • New trade Confirmations

A Visual Treat: we’ve revamped all the aesthetics!

Using the V2X Upgrade

The upgraded Perps V2 UI is now the default trading experience for our traders.

🔗 Use it here 👇

Superior Splash

As we embarked on our redesign we found ourselves at a crossroad while debating the structure of our new landing page. Some advocated for a traditional multi-page layout, while others championed the simplicity of a single-page design. Today, alongside many other exciting upgrades we unveil which concept was crowned the winner.

Welcoming new & existing users with actionable market tickers, a set of the most recent blogs & essential information on a single, easy-to-navigate, user-friendly page, prioritizing clarity and efficiency.

📍 See our revamped landing page by visiting Kwenta

A refreshed welcome to new & existing users
A refreshed welcome to new & existing users

\ V2x gets its redesigned user interface from its v3 counterpart, crafted to provide a seamless and familiar yet upgraded trading experience. From the moment you land on the Kwenta, you'll notice a refreshing new look.

Powerful Portfolio Management

As we evaluated feedback from traders on existing product, and common thread emerged: the existing dashboard was unintuitive and more of a nuisance than a tool.

With our latest upgrade managing portfolio margin & open positions are now a breeze! Traders gain clear insights into their performance, their margin, positions, PnL, and a curated markets watchlist from one convenient place with greater visibility into trade activities on their account & real-time on- and off-chain data.

Remember this upgrade is all about empowering traders with the tooling they need and the new dashboard is a fresh start to that commitment.

The new dashboard gives traders a central hub to manage their Kwenta accounts
The new dashboard gives traders a central hub to manage their Kwenta accounts

Refreshed Trading Interface

We've updated our trade UI. With an interface that emphasizes clarity, simplicity, and familiarity, you can focus on what truly matters: making profitable trades. Whether you're executing a market order, setting up a complex trading strategy or looking for that trade from two months ago, the Kwenta v2X upgrade is designed to make it an intuitive experience.

Nothing was left untouched!

New Trading Interface
New Trading Interface

New info Tables

Recognizing the crucial role of information availability, we have enhanced the clarity and visibility of pertinent details regarding trading activity on Kwenta.Previously, crucial details such as canceled or failed orders were obscured, and the surfaced data points were limited & unclear, at times impeding traders' ability to gain insight into their Kwenta activity, often necessitating visits to etherscan 🤮.

This update, we are unveiling these previously concealed data points and more, providing users with a transparent view of their Kwenta account activity, re-empowering them.

New data available
New data available

What else is New in this upgrade?

  • Introducing a New Settings Menu: With expanded options for traders and upcoming options, we've created a dedicated space for them U+2699.

  • Watchlist Feature: Kwenta traders now benefit from a handy watchlist integrated into their dashboard. Easily access preferred pairs in a well-organized format.

  • Trade Confirmation Notifications: Traders will now receive custom trade notifications for each stage their order visits during the execution process, ensuring they stay informed throughout.

Now that new trade notifications are live we removed the pending orders table. If a keeper fails to executed a trade, the toaster notification will provide a method for self execution.

Keep an eye out for these guys!
Keep an eye out for these guys!

Community Support

The release of Perps V2X bring faster load times & smoother transitions to more accurate and available data , every aspect of V2 has been tuned to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience. Happy trading, and here's to the future!

Looking ahead we’re excited to continue improving our existing products, while taking on new challenges like Defi Perps Aggregation.

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