Kwenta Open Position: Smart Contract Engineer

Kwenta Open Position: Smart Contract Engineer

Kwenta is a decentralized exchange that offers users access to derivative markets through its proprietary smart margin engine. It operates independently as a protocol, aiming to provide a decentralized trading experience rivaling top centralized exchanges.

We remain committed to our mission of building tier-one financial tooling that’s accessible to all. As we continue to strive towards this objective, we invite the community to apply and participate in our efforts.

The role

We are searching for self-motivated Solidity developers with a strong focus on product development to join us. As a member of the engineering team, you will work closely with the project manager to translate business requirements into actual product features and functionality. This is a remote, full-time role to build various trading tools that position Kwenta as the leading trading hub in DeFi while setting it on a course to thrive autonomously as a decentralized product.


  • At least two years of experience writing smart contracts in Solidity

  • Deep knowledge of the EVM

  • Experience writing extensive unit and integration tests for smart contracts (preferably with Foundry)

  • Experience with smart contract audits (as an author or recipient)

  • Have used DeFi products on Mainnet and can demonstrate a decent understanding of how Synthetix works

  • Solid, demonstrable work (on GitHub or otherwise)

You will stand out if you have the following:

  • Degree in math or computer science

  • Prior experience deploying complex/upgradable smart contract systems to mainnet

  • Experience with advanced testing techniques (fuzz, invariant, and/or differential testing)

  • General understanding of traditional futures and options trading

  • Experience with React, Redux, and other frontend technologies

  • Experience with yul

  • Operating in the Western Hemisphere (PT - ET) is preferred but not required


  • Annual grant structure range: 125k-175k USD


  • Health benefits reimbursements

  • Generous vacation

  • Auto-staked Kwenta token package


Ready to apply? You can apply by completing our typeform.

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