who am I / why am I here?
December 21st, 2021

I am riley lane (She / they)

[first Body of audio / visual work 2022]

I am a Black & mixed early 90s baby / Mother / process artist / Sound scientist / conduit of Gaia Consciousness / graphomaniac / two headed plant whisperer / (re)Birthworker / visionary / slow Living / nonbinary / femme / reflection

I am here to:

Love + awaken + document + decolonize + express + (co)create + learn + unlearn + inspire + reflect + shift + inform + catalyze + synthesize + integrate + deconstruct + dream + care + imagine + give + receive

I am here in right relation with my Spiritual court(s), my ancestral lineages, anointed & protected by my communities, my families (both given & chosen) to build & explore these anciently futuristic opportunities unfolding

here now in this present moment

I write

toward a reality where Blackness is liberated

I dare to imagine n vocalize a Black centered future - one where all Beings are Free

in the collective envisioning of an equitable world the pathways to emBodying it are created

when I am communing with the land & Her processes She Teaches me to feel no shame for the range of my impassioned seasons

I have (re)Mothered mySelf n now I use my voice

in the soil I Remember







I am held by the seething in Her Fire(s) n nourished by the sanctity of Her Water(s)

in the Wind(s) I can Be heard screaming

resting in the Primordial Sound I am (re)Born to discover perhaps I have Been dreaming after all

unplugging to plug back in…again

I write

to magnetize the moment of (re)union between the Earth n Her sacred stewards

reparative ceremonious repayments are made to the First peoples

I dream

of trauma informed care

holistic multidimensional sanctuaries

I pray for collective mental / physical / Spiritual / emotional / psychological balance

I study n emBody Matriarchal societies

community built on integrity accountability conscious connection & Spirit without agenda(s)

I do not have all of the answers n I am not yet offering solutions

I arrive on the page in humility

& childlike wonder

I am here in constant rapport with the Living web that is the natural internet

the Akash

the libraries beyond

I am a sacred wisdom keeper

a portal to Be protected / respected

I am not a healer

I am fluidly intentionally moving as Living art

with my breath as the medium

ancient futurism

I am a process artist

walking on the Path transparently


& with a long enduring vision

music is my vehicle

Love is my ultimate message

I am existing in Real Time - in hypermeta movement

lean in

See yourSelf in me

there is no fear in my Heart

thank you for Seeing me,

in gratitude,


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