lane riley
December 21st, 2021

solstice sunrise summons sinister symbols signaling Spiritual superheros supporting stressed siphoned songstresses synthesizing stories sewn skillfully subterraneanly so spying stoics suspicions stay stifled supporting Selfish sagas stalling societal symbiosis

re•emergence /// reflective (re)integration~

my work is for (and of) the in betweens

for everyone and no one

it seems

my work is for mySelves

I create Living archives as a testament to the consequential nature of earthly existence

in reverence to Death

I write to transmute

I share in the release of desire

the full Truth

setting Free my wantings for understanding + belonging

my words

a vehicle

through which

I am delivered

right at that edge and

I remain at that edge

(of emBodiment and detachment)

I write to honor my own languages and preferences

my work is continuous


an amalgamation of unfortunate events

gilded by the wisdom of experience

giving form to the alchemical processes of nature

and the revelatory pervasiveness of Spirit

I arrive on the page in Self Service to God(dess)

my work is for (and in) Samadhi

held by the guru

in gratitude,

I am Living.

& so it is


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