Whale - My Journey Through Time & Space

I´m Whale, intergalactic creature flying through the galaxy, discovering new planets and collecting experiences from the more distant frontiers of the Universe. Once though, I was a human and here my story: In fact, a big one.

As I said, I haven´t been always an intergalactic whale. Once, my name was Captain Mordecai Wirikik and my story is more absurd, than it sounds, but true, nonetheless. I was born in the 18th century in what is now the United States of America to a family of mixed ancestry: My father was an American Indian, while my mother came from a Jewish family that lived in Eastern Europe in a region that roughly corresponds to present-day Poland.

I left my era to travel through time and space to your present: Indeed, I am a time traveler. I did not know why or how it happened, I only know when: during the Battle of New York, at the end of the Revolutionary War. I was a soldier under George W. Washington: I was the captain of my troops. I was not proud that I had made my living by killing other human beings, perhaps that is why I was given another chance as a human to redeem my mistakes.

After the time trip I did my living by playing music: they called experimental music; In fact, a mix of all the cultural influences I received from my family, friends, and brothers in arms. When I still was a human, I had my first music lesson as a boy, learning old arias from the Italian repertoire thanks to an Italian opera singer who had moved to America with her wealthy husband. This was a big step in my training as a musician. I learned to use my voice for the first time, and since I was a shy person, I learned to be more confident.

Later, I became curious about all kinds of musical instruments, had a chance to get my hands on them, so I became what you call a multi-instrumentalist, a curious music lover. I was part of the folk music scene in my small town in America: I knew people, I knew their stories, and I played my story with them. Then the war came, and everything changed. When I got stuck in your time, I needed to reinvent my life.

I decided to do what I had dreamed of for a long time: to become an artist. I discovered your music, the music of my "future." And I discovered your visual art, the art of my "future." In all genres, I found some spark of that togetherness that I had discovered during my youth; however, what really struck me was what you called "atonal music," the broadening of possibilities within musical composition. I decided to follow this path, a new path for me, but still new for all of you as well.

I discovered an organic way of creating a composition, where the "mistake" represents the starting point of something bigger and unexpected. The Internet (it took me a long time to get used to it, really a long time) did the rest: it allowed me to get in touch with people from all over the world and to broaden my artistic vision, discovering deeper paths in me that I should never have discovered.

Through these paths other musical projects were born Il Carro di Fieno (with experimental guitarist Giovanni Boero), the duo Nevskij & Wirikik, collaboration with Italian experimental artists Claudio Milano and Alberto Nemo, and my involvement in the extreme music scene (Grevlar). Some works have already been published, others have yet to be released.

Since last year I discovered the possibility of expanding my artistic and human vision and entered the world of Web 3.0. There I could finally merge my visual representation of the world with my music. For this revolutionary task a new metamorphosis was necessary: From human to intergalactic whale.

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