Investor & Team KEY airdrop release mechanism
March 8th, 2022

Parameter Description

  1. Token Initial Release Date: InitialReleaseDate = Dec-26-2021 + UTC, abbreviated as IRDate
  2. Token As of Release Date: LastReleaseDate = InitialReleaseDate + 3 Years, abbreviated as LRDate
  3. First airdrop date: AirdropStartDate = Mar-15-2022 ~ Mar-18-2022 + UTC, abbreviated as ASDate
  4. Airdrop ExecuteDate: AirdropExecuteDate, abbreviated as AEDate
  5. First airdrop era coin issuance total: AirdropStartDateTotalSupply, abbreviated as ASDTS
  6. AirdropExecuteDateTotalSupply: AirdropExecuteDateTotalSupply, abbreviated as AEDTS
  7. Number of tokens issued in the current cycle: CurrentPeriodSupply, abbreviated as CPS
  8. The number of tokens obtained by investors & team airdrop: I&TAvailableAmount, abbreviated as ITAA
  9. Airdrop period: P = 1 month

Address List

  1. Team address: 10% of the additional tokens are airdropped to the team address
  2. Investor Addresses.
    1. NFT card address set-NFTCardAddress: a total of 100 copies, the auctioned NFT will directly distribute the tokens to the holding address, and the non-auctioned ones will be stored uniformly in the INO collection address
    2. BidderAddress: count all bidding addresses, distribute airdrops according to the cumulative mechanism of the number of bids (because 100 NFT cards of INO have not been auctioned, the bid data is not complete, the first airdrop is not issued for the time being)

Implementation formula --- Option 1

The token increment within 3 years will be divided into 36 periods according to the monthly cycle, and the tokens incremented within each weekly period will be released equally and linearly according to the number of remaining periods.

Airdrop is executed in two main phases as follows.

  • The first airdrop is AirdropExecuteDate = AirdropStartDate , abbreviated as ITAA_1, which is released in 36 periods (1 period per month), and each airdrop is calculated as follows.

2021.12-2022.3 total 4 issues will be issued in AirdropStartDate airdrop corresponding share of tokens

  • Starting from the 2nd batch of airdrop, the number of issues decreases in order, referred to as ITAA_x, corresponding to the start of each batch of airdrop is AEDate_x, x refers to the number of airdrop batches, x>=2. Then the formula for calculating the xth batch of each airdrop is as follows.
   The number of periods owned by the xth batch of airdrops is calculated as follows:

Implementation formula --- Option 2

According to the parameters as above.

  • At the first airdrop i.e. AirdropExecuteDate = AirdropStartDate , the ITAA calculation formula is as follows.
  • After the first airdrop, the airdrop program will execute one token airdrop per cycle according to P The formula for calculating ITAA per cycle after the first airdrop is as follows
  • When the airdrop is executed to LRDate, the tokens will not be issued again, and the remaining tokens will be issued according to 6P, for a total of 6 cycles.


The starting time is 2021.12, assuming the total length of issue is 1 year, the following data will be obtained according to the above rules.

The remaining 50 w will be distributed at 6P, with an average of 50/6 w per cycle.


After internal discussion and consultation with some community members, we finally adopted the implementation plan 1.

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