Details of the first airdrop
March 16th, 2022

All Users

The withdrawal of coins will cost a small fee.

The start time for withdrawing coins is 2022.3.16 8:00 GMT(Wed), and the withdrawable balance will be updated every week.

Unwithdrawn balance will be accumulated and can be withdrawn at once later.

The total value of KEY balance that can be withdrawn by all users is about 120,000.

Withdraw contract address:0x797301747e21C10356547e27FA8D358e5Bd71bbC


Completed airdrop of corresponding tokens, first airdrop of each INO NFT card to get KEY = 168.3 x 4

Total = 168.3 x 100 x 4 = 67320 (73% of which will be locked)

Among them, the unsold 73 INO NFT cards and their released tokens are temporarily stored in the pooling address, hosted by the Linkkey project team, and then transferred to the purchasers in one go after the sale.

Volume of KEY tokens released as of the execution of the first investor airdrop = 2019600, domain registrations = 13464

Batch airdrop transaction ID:






  1. The investor airdrop is executed on the 16th of each month at 4:00 GMT
  2. The investor airdrop is automatically executed by the airdrop contract with the contract address: 0x7814871B383Aa382fcC67d09e1D51EadCD1a0B2a

Linkkey Team

The official team's airdrop rules are the same as the investor's, and the number of KEYs released by the airdrop = 22440

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