Linkkey INO (Investor Mechanism)
May 8th, 2022

Linkkey is a decentralised governance crypto organisation with no corporate body and very experienced team members in the crypto industry, dating back as far as 2012 in Bitcoin ASIC chip development. We have not sought investment institutions since our inception in early 2021, and have been funded by our own funds with community support, as well as incentive donations from Polygon, KAVA, TRON and others. We believe that most investors in the crypto space are "harvesters", whereas Linkkey is a community project that started in the community, shared with the community, and whose success is determined by the community.

KEY Mechanism

The Linkkey token $KEY is issued to registered users and lasts for three years (start date 25/12/2021, end date 24/12/2024), with no limit on the total number of tokens, depending on the number of real users, after which the DAO proposal will decide whether to continue the issue.

SNS registration fee, issuance method and allocation

The initial registration fee for SNS is 10 Matic, with a fixed increase of 0.3 Matic for every additional 100 people from 04/2022 onwards.
If a KEY is used to register the SNS, it is fixed at 15 KEY and will be immediately destroyed by 70%.

Issuance method:

150KEY is minted for every 1 new user registered, the registrant immediately gets 10KEY, 65KEY is divided equally to SNS holders across the network, 45KEY is divided to investors, 15KEY is divided equally to NFT market bidders and 15KEY is given to the team.

There is only one way to invest in Linkkey, by participating in Linkkey INO
We have issued 100 NFTs on the opessea marketplace, collection address:, each NFT represents 0.3% of the KEY allocated interest and we will sell them by auction.

Auction process:

we will put up one NFT for auction at a time, the first NFT starts at 1ETH, the second NFT on the shelf limit, take the previous one's sale price + 50%, and so on. (Linkkey reserves the right to stop the auction at any time).

All participating bidders will share 10% of the KEY share equally, to be counted after the auction is fully closed.

Investors holding NFTs will be the first members of the Linkkey DAO.

Contact: or Telegram:@linkkeydao

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