Launch Partner Announcement: Davos Protocol

September 1st will go down as the launch date for the Liquis protocol, and we couldn’t be more excited. Over half of our Pre-Launch deposits have already been converted to max-locked veLIT, ensuring that Liquis will come out swinging in next week’s Bunni vote cycle. The Liquis interface will go live shortly and you can follow along on Twitter to be the first to know when it does.

We’re honored to pair this launch with the announcement of a new launch partner keen on scaling Bunni liquidity to the next level: Davos Protocol!

About Davos Protocol

Davos Protocol is a collateralized debt position (CDP) platform, enabling users to mint the DUSD stablecoin, notable for its resilience against inflation and its omnichain capability.

  • ankrETH on Ethereum

  • rETH on Arbitrum, Ethereum, and Optimism

  • sfrxETH on Ethereum

  • wstETH on Arbitrum, Ethereum

  • stMATIC on Polygon

Beyond its transactional utility, DUSD holders can also engage with the protocol by staking their DUSD, thereby earning the unique Davos Restaking Rate (DRR), which draws its funding from the protocol's borrowing fee revenues. As an added incentive, the act of minting DUSD brings with it rewards in the form of the governance token, DGT.

All DUSD holders can earn a variable amount of protocol generated income via the DRR.
All DUSD holders can earn a variable amount of protocol generated income via the DRR.

With the introduction of the Davos Governance Token (DGT), users who commit to locking their tokens, thus obtaining veDGT, will hold the key to actively shaping the Davos Protocol's trajectory. This encompasses pivotal roles such as selecting appropriate collateral, endorsing improvement propositions, and green-lighting upgrades to parameters.

More significantly, veDGT holders possess the distinctive capability to channel the protocol's revenue streams toward specific liquidity pools. With this feature, the Davos collective can strategically determine optimal sites for DUSD liquidity, optimizing resource allocation for maximum efficacy. More specifically, this will result in the ability to direct emissions either in the form of DUSD or DGT to specific DUSD liquidity pools thus enabling deep liquidity.

DGT holders will have the ability to direct emissions to specific DUSD liquidity pools.
DGT holders will have the ability to direct emissions to specific DUSD liquidity pools.

Davos x Liquis

Davos Protocol has already deployed two gauges within the Bunni ecosystem, both of which focus on USDC liquidity. In that spirit, Davos has committed to subsidies for vlLIQ holders over the next six months in order to further deepen concentrated DUSD liquidity on Uniswap v3. We are keen to see what complementary liquidity strategies arise from Liquis DUSD gauges being added to DGT governance in the future as well.

Learn More about Davos Protocol

You can follow and learn more about Davos Protocol via the following resources:

The primary Davos Protocol interface can be found here.

The Latest on Liquis

Liquis is now live! If you participated in our Pre-Launch, you can convert your deposit to liqLIT as well as claim your earned LIQ on the Pre-Launch interface. The Liquis app can be found here and will let you stake Bunni range tokens, stake liqLIT, or lock LIQ for voting. Once you have locked your vlLIQ, you will be able to either vote on Snapshot or delegate to another address, with both options linked on the UI.

If you’re new to Liquis, make sure to join us on Twitter and Discord, as well as reading up on our documentation.

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