Launch Partner Announcement: Inverse Finance

Liquis is live! Pre-Launch participants can now convert their deposits to liqLIT as well claim their vesting LIQ. Users can now also stake their Bunni range tokens with Liquis to earn boosted emissions. You can learn more about what’s available to you in the Tweet thread below.

Just because we’re live, however, doesn’t mean that the Launch Partner announcements have stopped: welcome Inverse Finance!

About Inverse Finance

Inverse Finance is a decentralized autonomous organization that stewards two DeFi protocols in particular:

  • DOLA, a debt-backed stablecoin

  • FiRM, a fixed rate lending market

DOLA is pegged to the USD and is minted exclusively by the Inverse Finance protocol itself. Users can acquire DOLA by either borrowing it from an integrated lending market, buying it from an integrated decentralized exchange, or providing another stablecoin, DAI, to its stabilizer mechanism. Should the secondary market value of DOLA exceed $1, Inverse Finance will mint more into existence into these integrated venues; conversely, if it trades below $1, the protocol can withdraw and burn DOLA that it had previously provided.

FiRM is a vertically integrated fixed rate lending market that allows users of Inverse Finance to mint DOLA against isolated collateral, utilizing the DOLA Borrow Rights (DBR) token. By providing assets like WETH, stETH, or gOHM, users can access DOLA liquidity against their collateral without taking on wider exposure to an aggregated lending market. Loans are fixed-rate and have a duration correlated with the amount of DBR held, with no limits.

Inverse x Liquis

Liquis represents the first foray by Inverse Finance into the Bunni ecosystem. Our Launch Partner Program will allow them to experiment with concentrated liquidity for DOLA at minimal cost. Given the ability for concentrated liquidity to facilitate greater trading volumes per each dollar of liquidity, we are keen to see Uniswap and Bunni play a complementary role to Inverse’s existing liquidity strategies.

Learn More about Inverse Finance

You can follow and learn more about Inverse Finance via the following resources:

The primary Inverse Finance interface can be found here.

The Latest on Liquis

Liquis has quickly risen the ranks of Bunni depositors in its first few days and now represents nearly one fifth of all Bunni TVL.

Furthermore, Timeless Finance votes are now underway to approve gauges for both liqLIT and LIQ ranges. This will allow for the implementation of liquidity bootstrapping strategies for both.

If you’re new to Liquis, make sure to join us on Twitter and Discord, as well as reading up on our documentation.

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