Liquis x Hidden Hand

Liquis continues to weather the ongoing crypto winter, maintaining an all-time high TVL of $3.8M despite market volatility and passing 2.8M liqLIT minted. Not to mention, we have a final handful of launch partners coming out of stealth ready to help scale Liquis and Bunni to the next level.

Speaking of which, we’re honored to share that the a new governance vote marketplace has onboarded Liquis as of our October 12th gauge voting cycle: welcome, Hidden Hand!

Redacted Cartel and Hidden Hand

Hidden Hand is a governance vote marketplace that is stewarded by the contributors of Redacted Cartel. It hosts markets for governance power holders in supported projects to allocate their decision-making on emissions gauges to the highest bidders. Hidden Hand supports the governance holders of DeFi heavyweights like Aura and Frax, as well as our very own Bunni.

Hidden Hand allows anyone to subsidize vlLIQ votes for Bunni gauges
Hidden Hand allows anyone to subsidize vlLIQ votes for Bunni gauges

Redacted Cartel further is developing products like Pirex ETH (pxETH) and the Dinero stablecoin. We look forward to Liquis eventually supporting their efforts and recommend learning more about them here.

Hidden Hand and vlLIQ

With this integration Hidden Hand will now allow for anyone to submit a subsidy for their desired Bunni gauge that can then be claimed by any vlLIQ holders who vote in favor of it for the given Liquis voting cycle.

Adding Incentives

Individual Bunni gauges are listed as line items on the Hidden Hand page for Liquis. When selecting “Add Incentive” next to a given gauge, users are prompted to deposit a subsidy denominated in a supported asset of their choosing. This deposit can be further customized to be spread out over a series of voting periods, as well as to ensure that no more than $1 of incentives is spent on $1 of directed emissions.

Subsidies can be added in any supported token denomination
Subsidies can be added in any supported token denomination


Once subsidies exist for a given Bunni gauge on the Liquis market, holders of vlLIQ can elect to vote for the gauge through the Hidden Hand interface in order to be eligible for a pro rata share of its incentives.

Learn More about Hidden Hand

You can follow and learn more about Hidden Hand and Redacted Cartel via the following resources:

The primary Redacted Cartel interface can be found here.

The Latest on Liquis

The Liquis x Bond Protocol program is ongoing and will last until October 17th or until no LIQ remain. Liquis contributors will be contributing the proceeds of the program to protocol-owned liquidity as it progresses.

Liquis also announced the first campaign of its airdrop series with Swell Network earlier this week. The Swell airdrop is tentatively set to begin on Monday, October 16th, with final terms to be communicated prior to.

If you’re new to Liquis, make sure to join us on Twitter and Discord, as well as reading up on our documentation.

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