Historical moments : POAP
August 16th, 2022

Proof of Attendance Protocol are NFT badges given out to prove attendance of an event, whether it took place virtually or in the real world. In the past 4 years many historical events were immortalized on-chain by POAP . Well , proof of attendance was just the initial idea , POAP is more than that these days . This article will look into the most important historical POAPs and how use case of POAP has evolved four years after launch .

EthDenver 2019 - POAP birthday

EthDenver 2019
EthDenver 2019

On May-27-2019, the first batch of POAPs were minted on mainnet . The EthDenver 2019 POAP marks the on-chain birth of POAP . This POAP was given out to participants of ethdenver , the first in real life event that POAPs were issued .

Friend of POAP - POAP scales

Friend of POAP
Friend of POAP

After 16 month , about 9k wallets claimed at least one POAP and around 17K POAPs were issued on Ethereum mainnet . The mainnet block space price was a glass ceiling in POAPs route to mass adoption . POAP needed a scaling solution , the migration was unavoidable . Finally , Gnosis chain (formerly XDAI) was chosen as POAP’s new home . The Friend of POAP was given to POAP core contributors and it was the first POAP minted on Gnosis chain. About 2 years after this integration , 923K wallets are holding at least one POAP and 5.5M POAPs are issued on Gnosis chain , while the number of total number of POAPs never exceeded 40K on mainnet. In my opinion, the Gnosis integration was the most historical / important event for POAP ecosystem .

ETH 2.0 Serenity launch POAP

Serenity upgrade POAP
Serenity upgrade POAP

It seems we have to wait some more years to see full implementation of ETH 2.0 while the Merge is closer than ever ! Ethereum Serenity POAP marks the day that Beacon chain went live, the first step toward the Merge . It was given out to participant of a virtual event that watched beacon chain going live together .

POAP is not proof of attendance anymore . As crypto evolves , the POAP use case increases . These days , POAPs are used as access tokens for token-gated community and Dapps , Governance and voting , participate in challenges , Certificate of passing courses , on-chain achievements , ticket concerts , collectibles , metaverse quests and many more . IMO the mass adoption of POAP is not even started , we will see a lot of new use cases when people start using it in real life .

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