Sanko TV: The Clubhouse Where Users Forge Connections Through Video

Sanko TV, one of the newest projects built with Livepeer Studio, is a clubhouse for creatives: a SocialFi platform where people can forge connections with like minds through video and reward one another for great content.

Built by the team behind Sanko GameCorp, a builder of decentralized gaming consoles, Sanko TV is a streaming app and cultural hub designed to bring creators and audiences together and to help posters earn with their content.

Sanko TV users buy Sanko Passes to gain access to individual profiles, streams, and chat rooms on the platform. They can also use them to reward creativity and encourage further ingenuity.

The more fans who buy passes to a poster’s profile, the more those passes rise in value. Audiences can also express their appreciation for what they see in a stream by giving posters Sanko NFT gifts.

And given how difficult it can be to monetize content in the Web2 world, a decentralized platform with a strong sense of community might be the wisest option out there.

That’s why Sanko TV chose to build with Livepeer Studio and to stream over Livepeer’s open video infrastructure: because they shared a common vision of the importance of decentralized video to the burgeoning creator economy.

“Also,” said Sanko CEO Mr. Smoovie Williams, “it's just a great product.”

Community-building is central to the Sanko TV ethos. Fans of a given video genre or creator can find like-minded friends in their favorite poster’s chat rooms.

Sanko TV, which began life in May 2022 but has a catalog of materials that date back to the late 1980s, is on the brink of launching its own Layer 3 Arbitrum Orbit chain. It then has plans to release some exciting new games.

The team sees Sanko TV as a place where people of all different backgrounds who are interested in seeing a revival of online subcultures from the past can mingle and find inspiration through achieving a collective dream state.

There is, however, no such thing as an average user, according to Smoovie.

“Every participant is different, and the only synthesis is the network itself. On any given day a few hundred users are on the app. I think they gravitate to it because they can express themselves freely.”

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