Introducing Community Lizard Contributors


As mentioned in the prior newsletter, we recognise how important community is to the Ethlizards. Whether it is community events, whitelists, collaborations or alpha channels, we understand that these are the building blocks of the Ethlizard’s origins. This new initiative is aimed to facilitate improvements in these areas and offer DAO members a pathway to offer meaningful contributions to the DAO by establishing a more formalised & decentralised system for Lizard Contributors. We want these community-related tasks to be managed & led by the community members that are the most suitable for the role!

Contributor Details

First we want to clarify some terms to breakdown various roles within the DAO:

Lizard Contributor - A general term used to describe any member of the DAO that contributes to the protocol via any of the roles listed out in this document or via bounties/volunteering through other avenues.

Core Contributor - Often referred to as the "team." This is a role that helps to support the main DAO operations, development and project management. These roles include consistent responsibilities and compensation.

Honorary Lizard Contributor - This is not a role with any duties or expectations (previously called Lizard Contributor - now renamed Honorary Lizard Contributor). It is a discord role that allows the member to have access to the #lizard-contributors channel. Many members that have this role may be active contributors to the DAO, while others may be interested or aspiring contributors.

Lizard-Contributors Discord Channel - This is where many work-in-progress and collaborative conversations occur between Lizard Contributors within the community, mods and team. This discord channel also serve as a pathway to empower DAO members that are interested to become a Lizard Contributor or get more involved with the DAO.

Overview of the Changes

In an effort to further decentralise the DAO works and operations and empower the community, we have created new roles; Librarian Lizards and Liaison Lizards.

Initially, the plan would be to start with a small number of Lizard Librarians and Liaisons and concentrate on first setting up a good system for them before onboarding additional people. After this, the aim would be to scale up as the demand for a specific role would increase.

Librarian Lizards

These lizards will oversee a new community-driven project currently called the “Ethlizards Community Resources” on Notion.

This site will be a community-managed document containing a variety of Ethlizards content, spanning from DAO progress, investments, collabs, events & any other important information. This will initially be managed in a public Notion document, but eventually we would like to integrate it into our website to provide a more streamlined experience for the existing and new community members. While there is no financial compensation offered for this role, Librarians Lizards are eligible to participate in the Lizard Contributor Rewards Program.

The Librarian Lizards will be starting with two members initially SeaGolem#8547 & Entity#5621.

Liaison Lizards

Liaison Lizards will be handling anything and everything community-related. From the classic Ethlizards community support & raids to regular whitelists and collaborations, these lizards’ roles will require dedication to manage specific collaborations and community initiatives. While there is no financial compensation offered for this role, Liaison Lizards are eligible to participate in the Lizard Contributor Rewards Program. Lead Liaison Lizards will help to see other liaisons progress and update collaborator info in Notion. Areas of focus include:

  • Community Support

  • Community Events

  • Whitelists

  • Community-focused partnerships

  • Collaborations with other projects

They will help to establish a functional Liaison Lizard protocol for pipelines, workflows, and add this information into Notion for tracking and review. After this process became established, more Liaison Lizard positions will open up to community members that are interested in this role.

Here’s an example flow of how a collab or partnership would take place:

Lizard Contributor Rewards Program

Early Stage Idea: We would like to develop a system that will reward Lizard Contributors that use their time and skills to support the DAO. While the DAO isn’t in a financial position to hire additional paid Core Contributor roles at this time, we would like to create a reward system that rewards active Lizard Contributors for their efforts. The potential rewards pool could be formed using a certain percentage of the DAO’s WLs, free NFTs or other rewards received by the DAO through collaborations, partnerships or other avenues.

We’re still working to figure out which is the method to best capture Lizard Contributor's progress/contribution, but we’re confident that there is a solution that will feel fair and reasonable. Currently, we will handle these on a case-to-case basis and will make sure to balance both the rewards of being a contributor as well as the rewards of being a regular Ethlizards holder.


Early Stage Idea - when DAO finances would allow, it could be possible to implement some sort of bounty system that allows Lizard Contributors to claim bounties with financial compensation or specific rewards offered for select works that the DAO needs.

Lizard Contributor Selection

The initial candidates selected were already doing things for the DAO and they are helping to build out the system so that we can include even more DAO members soon! All Lizard Contributors will go through an interview process to help match candidates for a given role. As some Lizard Contributors may be handling sensitive information (Librarian Lizards) or helping to serve as a critical point of contact for DAO collaborations (Liaison Lizards), the best candidates with appropriate skills will be selected for these roles. First-time Lizard Contributors would go through a 3-month probationary period. There may be additional requirements depending on the specific Lizard Contributor role.

Interested to become a Lizard Contributor? Please apply using this link:

Lizard Contributor Resignation & Removal

If a Lizard Contributor is unable to continue the role or has other issues, they can contact their lead or team member to pass on these duties and step down from the role.

If a Lizard Contributor is not performing the role as expected or behaves unprofessionally they may be removed from the role on rare occasions. A few examples of this could include (but not limited to) poor communication or purposeful misinformation, repeatedly missing critical deadlines, or other extreme and unprofessional behaviour.

Additional Information

We would like to return to the old #alpha-repository channel standards - an “alpha only” channel that all DAO members can continue to post there, but no discussion will occur in this channel; only posts directly about alpha, including project name and information, links, etc. As always members would be encouraged to DYOR beyond the information posted in this channel. (This only impacts the alpha-repository channel and is simply a return to the previous standards for this channel).

In regards to the Alpha Lizards concept, we have put this on hold for the time being. We don’t feel comfortable with people being assigned specific Alpha roles as we do not want the DAO or its members to be associated with any financial decisions based on this, nor do we have the resources to properly manage such a program at this time. In the future, we also want to consider potential collaborations with specific Alpha projects.

Final Thoughts

We recognise that there are many valuable members in our community. We want to empower these individuals to make a greater impact on the good of the DAO and become eligible to receive occasional rewards via the upcoming Lizard Contributor Rewards Program.

There is a constant flow of requests and items that are community focused. While the team would be able to personally handle many of these tasks, this would take time away from other critical works. With this initiative, we believe that letting designated community members contribute via a specific Lizard Contributor role can be an effective way to accomplish tasks, empower community collaboration and strengthen the Ethlizards DAO protocol.

It is important to mention that this is an experimental pilot program - these roles are meant to be the first iteration and may evolve or change over time with improvements and community feedback. This document was almost written up as an LIP, but being such an a pilot program that may evolve or change, it didn’t make as much sense and part of it is just formalising some of the roles that DAO members are already contributing to or want to. This initiative is aiming to provide a viable solution to DAO member requests to be further involved with the DAO and also to move the protocol forward in a decentralised and productive way. The success of this program not only depends on the program structure but also in the strength and execution of DAO members stepping into these roles.

We are excited to launch this pilot program and hope that the community will continue to help us to improve and evolve it together!


Ethlizards Team

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