LNRZ Season 2 has arrived.

We’re proud to announce LNRZ Curated Projects, a brand new site, and our first IRL experiences.

Here’s how we got here, and what to expect.

The Journey:

In 2021 challenged what collaboration looked like in web3 music.

The space was much smaller at the time, and we were navigating uncharted territory.

25 editions at 0.1 ETH was the norm. Music was being valued in ways it hadn’t been before, and much like today, artists approached us with questions on how to properly roll out their songs and build community in a healthy way.

We quickly realized a need for collectives that could help serve both artists and collectors.

As artists who’ve experienced the good and bad sides of traditional music, we created something artist friendly from the ground up.

In the last quarter of 2022 we rolled out a new curation model.

We saw:

  • 1000+ editions

  • 19 sold-out drops

  • 463 unique collectors

  • And 25+ ETH for artists.

SZN 2:

With SZN 2 comes the expansion of our curation model.

We're back to launching a set of curated drops, starting this Tuesday with Pauline Herr.

These drops feature a supply of 35 editions with a presale price of 0.04 ETH and a public sale price of 0.05 ETH.

We want to make sure that LNRZ drops always maintain a certain quality bar, and we believe that consolidating the supply and upping the price of each edition is the best way to do this.

Alongside curated weekly singles, we’re proud to introduce LNRZ Curated Projects.

We spent the past week in Joshua Tree creating the first ever LNRZ projects with some incredibly talented musicians.

The lineup includes:

The LNRZ Freshman class - Lackhoney, Madalen Duke, Mark Johns, Vaarwell and Tate Tucker.

Iman - Iman Europe featuring Kaelin Ellis
Fat Ron and Heno.

Grace Ave - DLG., bloody white and Daniel Allan

We’ll be rolling out all three projects in the coming months.


V1 of our website is complete, thanks to our talented friends at Bonfire.

Special thanks to Matt, Melissa, and Charlie over there for building us a custom layout and helping us get the site over the finish line.

We’ve integrated with Sound to allow minting from both their platform and our site, and the LNRZ site will also serve as a hub for our community to get updates, read the latest newsletters, collect and listen to tracks, and much more that we’ll soon reveal.

Consider this the home base for LNRZ, and we look forward to expanding the potentials and possibilities throughout the season.


The LNRZ Freshman project will be the first project to be released.

We flew in our five freshmen artists from all over the world to make music together in the same place for the first time at LNRZ FRESHMAN CAMP.

Over the course of five days we hiked, stargazed, laughed a lot, and made a TON of music. The creation of three songs in three different rooms in tandem was a common occurrence, and each artist found ways to contribute to nearly every song with writing, production, melody ideas, concept ideas, or even a backing vocal here and there.

We ended our trip recording loud and crazy vocals as a group, screaming together into the mic at the center of the room in between bursts of laughter. The final product is a testament to the talent that every single freshman has and we can’t wait for you to hear them showcased and witness the growth they’ve made during their time with LNRZ.


Our artist curation model allows us to provide musicians with a space, recording equipment, and time to disconnect and create music with their closest collaborators.

When you step back and let artists cook up on their own terms, great things happen. Our in-house team assisted with creative / marketing / and web3 rollout plans to communicate the project and launch in true LNRZ fashion.

The results will speak for themselves.


If you’re reading this and have engaged with us, it means you’re one of the people we have to thank for our growth over the past year.

Ideas are only ideas until they are acted upon, and you all have helped elevate LNRZ to a place we’re truly grateful to be in.

For the latest updates subscribe to our mirror.xyz and join our collectors chat here. https://guild.xyz/lnrz-hq

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