SZN 2.5

LNRZ weekly drops bring music from emerging talent to an ever expanding community of collectors and music lovers.

It’s no secret that the market has changed.

Starting Tomorrow - we’re moving in a direction that we believe will enable us to grow healthily as a community.

SZN 2.5 will introduce a new weekly series called Spotlight.

Spotlight will feature 24 hour open editions priced at 0.005 ETH.

Here’s why.

SZN 2.5

We will continue to emphasize high-value music, especially for our larger projects.

The purpose of weekly drops has always been to bring music from our favorite artists to an ever expanding community of collectors.

Now - we’re focusing on a price point everyone can afford.

We often think of industry history as progressing from Vinyl Tapes and CDs to illegal downloads to the new streaming paradigm we live in now.

During the moment in time where the iTunes store flourished, at $1/song artists were earning significantly more than they do now from DSPs.

We imagine a future where selling 8,000 music NFTs for $5 or 4,000 for $10 each is the new 10 million streams.

We’re excited to adapt to an ever changing market.

Be on the lookout for our first Spotlight drop Tomorrow featuring Lucas Radouch.

To join the conversion - join the LNRZ HQ collector chat on Telegram.

Welcome to SZN 2.5

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