LNRZ Presents: Satellites

LNRZ was founded in December of 2021 with one mission - to develop artists in web3 and bring great music on chain.

After receiving over 100 applications, the community came together and picked an amazing freshman class of five artists:

Aly https://twitter.com/roadtoaly
Madalen Duke https://twitter.com/madalenduke
Mark Johns https://twitter.com/itsmarkjohns
Tate Tucker https://twitter.com/YupitsTate
Vaarwell https://twitter.com/vaarwellmusic

Now - it’s time for LNRZ to show the world why we are so excited about them.

The LNRZ Freshmen are dropping their debut collection SATELLITES on April 18th.

The supply, price and rarity will all be determined through a community vote open to all LNRZ collectors here.

We’re teasing the project with a Spotlight dropping today and with a live activation at the Music NFT Movement in NYC.

Here’s what you need to know -

LNRZ Freshman Class

As the web3 creator space began to grow we recognized that there would be a profound need for new forms of curation and an enhanced discoverability vehicle for new talent.

We planned to focus energy on talent that stood out musically and acts that were unafraid to grow their footprints with the tools available in web3.

This marked the birth of the LNRZ curation system.

Joshua Tree Writing Camp

This past January we booked a beautiful home for 5 days and gathered the entire freshmen class in the California desert. Half of the artists came from different countries around the world, and for many of us it was the first time we met face to face.

With Clear eyes shepherding the process, we made 2-3 songs each day. At any given moment you might find Jeremy and Ricardo from Vaarwell cooking up a new beat in the main room with Mark Johns quietly singing ideas for it on the couch, Aly producing a crazy choir with Madalen Duke in the master bedroom, Margarida from Vaarwell tracking vocals to an idea started earlier in the day in her bedroom, and Tate Tucker pacing the kitchen in headphones working on a legendary verse.

Every single person contributed vocals and writing, and in addition Clear eyes, Ricardo and Aly all played a significant role in the production. At the end of each night we would gather outside and stare up at the stars. The late night conversations would often lead to lyrics the following day.

The result was SATELLITES.


SATELLITES is a 6-track EP featuring all of the LNRZ Freshman Class.

It was executive produced by Clear eyes and features multiple artists on every track.


BIG (Madalen Duke, Aly, LNRZ Choir) (prod Clear eyes, Vaarwell, Aly)

STARGAZING (Aly, Tate Tucker, Madalen Duke, Mark Johns, Vaarwell) (prod Aly, Vaarwell)

GHIRADELLI (Tate Tucker, Aly, Mark Johns, LNRZ Choir) (prod Clear eyes, Vaarwell)

SWIM (Vaarwell, Madalen Duke) (prod Aly, Vaarwell, Clear eyes)

SIRENS (Aly, Madalen Duke, Tate Tucker, Vaarwell) (prod Clear eyes, Vaarwell)

SINGLE MIND (Tate Tucker, Mark Johns, Aly, LNRZ Choir) (prod Clear eyes, Vaarwell)

Here’s where you come in.

Community Governance

LNRZ collectors will vote on the supply, price and rarity of SATELLITES using the following weighting:

Lookbook - 10 votes
Season 1 - 5 votes
Season 2 - 2.5 votes
Spotlight - 1 vote

There are two votes now live on lnrz.xyz from now until Friday.

Vote #1 - Supply + Price

The community is presented with three options on the supply + price of SATELLITES.

750 Editions at 0.02 ETH
1250 Editions at 0.01 ETH
2500 Editions at 0.005 ETH

Vote #2 - Rarity

The LNRZ core team presents the following rarity breakdown.

Song 1 - 1%
Song 2 - 2.5%
Song 3 - 5%
Song 4 - 12.5%
Song 5 - 25%
Song 6 - 54%

Your job is to pick which tracks slot into which rarity. You can listen to snippets of them at lnrz.xyz

The song with the most votes will be the rarest track.

Curator Leaderboard

Curation is a cornerstone of this ecosystem.

We’re rewarding the top 10 curators of SATELLITES with one edition of a special edition song from FRSHMN Camp (NOT INCLUDED IN ALBUM CONTRACT).

More details on this will be released soon


We’re excited to partner with Kits to bring the sounds of SATELLITES to our growing producer community.

FREE.KIT will drop April 24th and include original samples that stem from the Joshua Tree Camp and pair with a remix competition.

Submissions will close after 7 days Winner gets to mint winning song on LNRZ Sound page for the following week’s spotlight

All Kits holders will have access to LNRZ HQ

Closing Thoughts

SATELLITES is the first of many writing camps to come from LNRZ.

We’re excited to kick off a new chapter for LNRZ - and to give the FRSHMN TAPE the love that it deserves.

To stay up with the project, join LNRZ HQ.

We’ve got a lot of exciting news coming this week - so don’t blink!

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