5 months ago we released our genesis “Lookbook” in an effort to highlight the 5 artists selected for the LNRZ freshman class.

After a successful launch, we proceeded to work on our debut project while a lot changed behind the scenes. Recently, we realized we can be doing more and should be doing more. Releasing great music is all we ever wanted to do at LNRZ.

To do this - we’re implementing a weekly drop to showcase the immense talent in the Music NFT Landscape.

Starting on October 25th, we’ll be releasing one song every Tuesday on the LNRZ Sound.xyz account. The artists we showcase will include our freshman class and additional artists curated from our core team, which we will later open up to our growing community. Thanks to 0xSplits, every artist will receive 80% of each drop while the LNRZ DAO will retain 20% to fuel future projects. (LNRZ SAFE Multisig)

To kick things off we have Electronic Duo Vaarwell with an unreleased song, IDK

LNRZ crowdfund backers and LNRZ Lookbook holders will have access to 25 discounted presale mint prices (First come first served). A snapshot was taken for the for the first allowlist, but If you want to be eligible for future drops, our crowdfund will remain open until Wednesday October 26th, and the LNRZ Lookbook can be found on Opensea.


We want LNRZ to be a source for both creation and curation. As artists we are always working deeply on long-term projects and searching through new music for inspiration. If we can do both at the same time, so should LNRZ.

The fact of the matter is that it shouldn’t take months for us to ship between each piece. We want to drop every week so we can scale LNRZ similar to how a web3 artist scales their brand. High quality music paired with high frequency drops is a recipe we feel can get us to a place we’ve planned on going from the very start. We have the talent and we have the music, so it’s time to start shipping!


  • LNRZ team will curate the first batch of drops

  • Over time we will open up new ways of applying to be featured

  • To get involved with LNRZ DAO, join our Discord, Twitter, or back our Crowdfund

Thank you for your continued support

     - LNRZ

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