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In my last issue of Loverse, I detailed my journey of inner awakenings that have all cultivated to where I’m at now with creating Loverse. My journey in web3 has been beautiful chaos with lots of abundance and rewiring how I approach being an artist. The past year since 02/21 when I officially entered the space led me to a revitalization I never foresaw occurring. I’ve discussed this in-depth in Loverse V1, but in this new era of self and life, I can clearly see how all of the work I’ve done and re-directions in my life have somehow guided me to this point. To tap back into where I left off, in February I decided to take the weekend to myself alone in my apartment to simply do nothing. Ironically, that’s where a flood of realizations came flooding in. Since 2022 began, it’s been a series of building + creation, and that weekend, I knew I needed time to myself to just be. I reflected on where I am going in this space and had the question pop up in my head ‘who do I want to be as an artist if I could just simply ‘be’ one with no worries and what does that look like?

In true Lauren fashion, the rest of the night was me having a lot of ideas and connecting dots from months and even years prior that I wrote down in my journal, on my whiteboard, and even on post-it notes. From these realizations, it was painstakingly clear that a lot of the script ideas I am working on and have written all have a common link. It’s all rooted in my experiences, my journey, my observations in the 21 years of life I’ve lived, etc. Previously, I felt quite stressed about developing my writing sample with my intense goals to ‘make it’ so I could carve my own lane and continue the blueprint of building all that I’d put in motion with Project FILO and my core collaborators/friends. I had to rediscover what my true purpose was and why I wanted to tell these stories. I always had no doubt I would “make it” as a filmmaker and with everything else I do because of my personal drive and my core support system from my family. A lot of what I’m shaping in my writing universe are the effects of a colonized world and the uncomfortable unknown of shaping a new one or being an alien in a video game. I didn’t plan to develop my portfolio this way or for them to be loosely connected. It is exciting to reclaim my passion for the writing process and share it with the world. Writers deserve so much and not just flowers once you’re greenlit. I always prepared myself to show people my writing once I got greenlit in Hollywood or with my independent path on the side too. A new path has called my name. At the same time, as I touched on in my ‘Who is LOMEDIA’ post, I committed a lot of time to research alternative ecosystems and people outside of Hollywood, as well as finding programs and communities that are bridges to the industry, so I’m no stranger to different routes. I also put together a research guide for an independent study via my entrepreneurship department called ‘FILO FILMS Resource Guide’ with this central goal in mind:

One of the most important things, in order to ensure all filmmakers have opportunities, is to stop gatekeeping information. Of course, monetary and direct opportunities are also crucial, but as a Black woman filmmaker who has had the privilege of studying film at Northwestern, I wanted to create this guide to help others but most importantly, Black women and BIPOC individuals who are wanting to get into film or don’t know where to go because for so long, we have been excluded from this industry.

I still remember my first trip to LA the summer of freshman year courtesy of NU’s career center where I met alums from the industry all over like at Hulu, FX, etc., and connected with KC’s own Aaron Rahsaan Thomas who helped me see the larger picture as I continued onward in college the next year. Everything could’ve been different for me if I hadn’t finally understood the path I wanted to pursue the summer before my senior year of high school when my focus was heavily still on sports. In my life, I have found that when it comes to learning and unlearning a lot of things in these 21 years, there are always fluidly different lessons that show up in different areas of my life like with family, friends, my passion, in relationships, and just in life. Looking back at young Lo feels nostalgic and sentimental. Just like the journey began with sports, LOVERSE feels like a reconnection to my love for play, curiosity, and discovery.

I co-developed an NFT with @peenpoontweets for my FWB Fellows project that represents the intro to my expanding cinematic and physical universe, LOVERSE. I have reclaimed my artist journey, de-centering Hollywood and creative industries at the center. Through this, I have had the most incredible surge of creativity and an epiphany that the scripts I am writing/film in post-prod currently are interconnected in that they not only represent my cinematic universe but reflect the world I want to see or move away from. I am creating a community for myself centered around my creations that are all about using storytelling for a better world and myself. LOVERSE is my creative studio, team, and network. Around my films, I now can create other aspects that continue on the story through Mirror posts, my podcast coming soon, comics/mangas, video game development, photo books, IRL experiences, web platform, events, and so much more. Detaching from the standard and the industry has led me to the desire to create my own literal universe and this is chapter 1 with the roster of upcoming projects I have to build it out.

This NFT serves as the physical representation of my “genesis” script portfolio including 2 pilot scripts, my feature script, and my sophomore short film script in collab with @moyosorebriggs and @bad_oats. It represents the film universe that I’m crafting & not waiting for Hollywood to greenlight for me to unveil my stories. These themes in these scripts represent my journey, my experiences, ruminations on human behavior, my observations, and my visions + questions to reflect on towards a better world + as we navigate through the new/old world and systems.

The point is not to render ideas less complex but to make the complex clear” (bell hooks).

More will be shared as I finish them over the summer. There is this ever-present discomfort of operating as a video game character in a video game that I didn’t consent to be designed into. Disassociating in a video game that renders me lifeless. So much of it is boring. Art brings back life and navigates me out of the video game. This is a praxis explored as characters act intensely, authentically, absurdly, and chaotically when presented with a new way of being not inhabited by everything the system entails. The transition of old and new worlds. New traditions of life. Rewiring and healing at the root. Deprogramming from the video game. Location GPS services cut off. Uniquely absurd and magically real. Uncomfortably inward. Comfortably misunderstood. Infinitely creating freedom. LOVERSE is my universe, controlled by no one but me and all who want to co-create and dream with me to become better. This is my album but for film and in this season of life, these are the stories I want to tell. Let me walk you through the headspace of LOVERSE. Are you ready for the game?


Who have you always wanted to be? There will be chaos to lead you there. If you find your character, the game really begins. You are contending with the game of ‘white supremacist imperialist capitalist and cis-hetero patriarchy’ we never signed up to be inserted into and building a better game, a better world, a better us all at the same time. Cycles of mental, physical, and spiritual ascension and fulfillment and expression and discovery. Representation politics do not exist here. Stories are created with all of this in mind. It’s me. Lo operates the ship. Protecting my creative mind. Protecting my artistic voice and honoring that journey as a writer is sacred to me. The universe begins with the stories I’ve been growing inside of me for the past 21 years to get to this point. To heal me. To detach me. To experience. To live. To fall apart. To cry. To fight. To grieve. To everything from far in between, I landed on these stories. I am not a category. I am not a brand. I am a writer. I am an artist. I am me. This is the season of life and rebirth. Origins of LOVERSE. Origins of Lomedia. Origins of me. Welcome to the future. Welcome to culture. Welcome to my planet. Welcome to Vanguards. Welcome to the Desired. Welcome to the Bubble. Welcome to the Blueprint. Welcome to Restoration. Welcome to a world of co-creation + ideation + enlightenment + ascension. I don’t have the mental capacity for a lot of people. This is purely about wavelength and intent.

I wanna work with you <> you wanna work with me. You wanna talk to me <> I wanna talk to you. You want to support me <> I welcome the support. Mutual reciprocity rooted in intent.

You either get it or you don’t. It’s not my job to convince you. My art does not exist to serve that purpose. It is what it is to me first and foremost, and that in itself will serve as a testament to real worldbuilding, impact, and longevity. It makes me sad thinking of work that is celebrated or praised once these artists are gone like Octavia E. Butler. I know I am the future. I know we are vanguards. I feel the immense dual weight every day. I do not need an audience. I am a living performance. I am mysticism. I am cosmic. I am extraterrestrial. I am me. LOVERSE is already in alignment with people who remind me of this feeling. Collabs are already in progress that’ll exist in this world. I can envision more I want to dream with, have support from, work with, and whoever discovers or accepts the calling will be granted entry. Culture is sacred to me, it is not to be mocked with, it is not to be over-complex, it is not to be understood by everyone, and it is not to be replicated. I am not hyper-financialized. Tiers of access depend on being real and wants/desires. Financed through crowdfunds, sponsors, collectors, opportunities, experiences, collaborations, partnerships, events, and the list goes on. If you buy something that doesn’t just mean you have access to special things. It’s larger than that. It’s up to your desire and your intent if you want to read my work, buy my work, be in community with me, support me, or be on my team. If you were given the chance, what would you do? What character would you play? How would you design your character? Who are you? Figure out your character and then you’ll know how you fit into LOVERSE. This requires real communication, heart work, knowing yourself, risks, and intentionality. Do you y’all feel me? Really? It seems radical but so much of simple human coordination, wants, desires, needs, and imagination has been stunted by the ‘white supremacist imperialist capitalist and cis-hetero-patriarchal world’. It’s up to you, there is no forcing of energy here.

  1. Restoration — sci-fi drama short exploring grief in a near-future society.
  2. The Blueprint — experimental short dealing with a summer internship, identity, tech, and transhumanism as it pertains to beauty and culture as a profitable market.
  3. The Bubble — A blossoming of age feature film exploring the weight of intergenerational effects, family, greed, elitism, indoctrination, and youth all told in 3 absurd chapters.
  4. The Desire(d) — An anthology series where love is a priority by any means necessary. For the hopeless, welcome to the retreat of desirability where no one leaves the same and everyone is dragged.
  5. Vanguards — a series of psychedelic realities spanning multiple dimensions following a youthful crew. “Leaders of the new school. They ain’t want to let us in but they had to”

If aligned, join my planet. join my wavelength. Join my state of being. Join my team. Join my freedom. Join my joy. Join my stimulation. Join my vision-making. Join my worldbuilding. Join my world. That’s ‘community’ to me. Not a buzzword. It reminds me to be alive. It reminds me of who I am. It’s led me here. It’s found me familial bonds. It’s freed me. It’s spiritual. It’s magic. It’s vision-making. It’s creation. It’s exploration. It’s ideation. It’s experimentation. It’s imagination. It’s sacred. It’s mine. It’s decolonized. It’s ancestral. It’s superhuman. It’s alien. It mystique. It’s a renaissance. It is everything. It is culture. It is history. It is grounding. It is healing. It is transformative. It is enlightenment. It is vulnerable. It is authentic. It is real. It is alchemy. It is love. This is LOVERSE.



Every dimension of me grows LOVERSE and sprouts like a tree. All of the networks I belong to and have created fuel me just as much as I fuel them. I am the focal point and living proof of the concept of new nodal paradigms for artists. This will be an engine that is fueled by my desire to tell stories and work with people who are aligned with that plus my aim. Like Issa Rae has created her village and built across, I am creating my team and winning with my team. I deeply value my entourage and am intentional with every seed that I plant. Building a new world under a new paradigm of film. I love the relationships I have and the network I’ve been able to build genuinely, so I want that energy with my own team. Down the line, I’m excited for my peers to join in and the ones that already have with the collaborations in progress, as well as attracting more like-minded artists, leaders, builders, and visionaries. There is great potential with this tech and new means of collaborative freedoms for me + my collaborative team to thrive like with a shared gnosis safe, splits, decentralized fluidity, and more to explore transparently. Roles will happen authentically and unconsciously. If you want to be on the team or build together, let’s talk, and things happen organically when I will put out calls for help or bring in people to help. So if you’re a general supporter, welcome, you are important, and stimulating my mind is just as crucial as being an official team member like my manager or DP. LOVERSE is a video game. It’s life. I am developing my village for LOVERSE, my cinematic universe, creative studio, and team. LOVERSE will exist with the development assistance of @maxiversedao as one of the inaugural film cinematic universes. Likewise, I am seeking out my personal team from management, financial investors, collaborators, etc., as I am preparing my ‘freshman album’ of stories I’ve been yearning to develop and tell. It is time. Enter my portal.

Governance will come and roles will unfold as players find their way to LOVERSE. I am ready for this next chapter and the essence of artistry I’ve always envisioned for myself. With each script, it’ll serve as its own world in the universe set with experiences and extensions of the themes/characters presented. There will be the development of an actual album in collaboration with musicians to help produce and create a soundtrack. From the 5 bodies of work, there will be visual creations also minted as NFTs with more merch available for purchase. To further advocate for authentic collaborations and intentionality when thinking about onboarding/communities/team building, there will be a prologue of sorts accompanied with the website to walk through interested parties to decipher 1) who you are? 2) why you’re leaving the current video game and 3) an oath with community values.

AGENDA @ Glance -

1). Finishing the ‘album’ — LOVERSE camp

  • Seeking sponsors and investors.
  • ‘Restoration’ — Summer ’22 post-prod wrap.
  • Making of the ‘album’ docuseries.

2). Crowdfunding x production x shopping around.

  • Pre-production → aim toward development.

3). Development of LOVERSE team

  • Seeking management/reps, a DEV, collaborators, and community members.

4). Evolution of LOMEDIA

  • Creative studio
  • Cannes’23
  • Collaborations
  • Sponsorships
  • Partnerships
  • Investors
  • Incubators/fellowships/retreats


  • NFT NYC 2022


  • Summer 2022

My goals

  • To continue creating new ecosystems that cultivate more branches that can be plentiful in funding and develop new ways of living for artists. Facilitating change to equalize the ability to live and thrive. I’d like to produce these scripts with the support of Maxiverse, other production studios, crowdfunding/investments/sponsors, and align with discovering my management team.
  • Artists being free means the world to me. Seeking new ways to be an artist and essentially live. I want to tell stories with like-minded people. My collaborations for this next stage feel destined and operating as a DAO will be a manifestation of all of that with an engine for genuine and intentional worldbuilding.
  • It’s always been about being by artists and for artists for me. Giving artists freedom to create and live. I’m dedicated to a new ecosystem simply giving artists the space and the money to dictate their needs. Ideally in a world where everyone can live and doesn’t have to work for $. In a world where UBI exists. In a world where everyone can bring value to what their heart calls. The duality of capital ruining culture but culture needing money to survive. I’d like to facilitate a new ecosystem forward for artists to be able to reach this catharsis of realization and rediscovery of how they’d like to create and live if $ wasn’t a concern. The beauty of an artist being their own DAO. It’s not complex. It’s freeing and I’m excited to see who joins me along the way and sees the vision. The value will be growing astronomically high on both sides.


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