The Penmanship Guild

The deeper we dive into web3 the more we begin to understand the power of the blockchain and just how much opportunity is afforded to forward-thinking creatives in this space. With that in mind, we’ve created the CTC DAO which will act as a treasury for Connect the Coast NFTs that come from the guild. Artists in the guild will vote on which studios we record in and what content we create. This is our first attempt at true decentralization and our mirror blog is how we plan to document the entire journey. We’ll have exclusive POAPs for collectors of our content and supporters of our fundraising initiatives, our goals include creating an NFT audio/visual magazine (possible on Mirror), hosting live NFT ticketed events and releasing NFT music and music videos! All revenue generated from Mirror NFTs will be put back into the growth of the DAO, the guild and the label WE GREATLY APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT as we set out on this new, digital, crypto-adventure!

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