We are looking to launch the first dedicated marketplace for one of the leading NFT projects “Bored Ape Yacht Club”. As we are currently in a bear market there is no better time to build and launch a product which will benefit 000’s of BAYC holders and future buyers.

Our goal is to build a trusted dedicated marketplace where users can buy, sell and auction BAYC NFTs


Building a “Successful” niche/dedicated marketplace will provide the NFT space with so many opportunities and freedoms that market leaders such as OpenSea lack, This could be providing real time support, Deeper analytics, Customisation and obviously the potential savings on marketplace fees which is usually around 2.5% for either buyer or seller… Maybe both depending on the marketplace.

As venture capital and private equity firms continue to invest in web3 even during a bear market it’s inevitable that dedicated marketplaces will be built and we would love these to be community owned not privately owned by “banks”.


We aim to beta launch the marketplace in November 2022 and officially launch in January 2023 ready for the new year.

Marketplace Features

  • Live Support
  • Customisable BAYC profile for holders
  • Integrated DEX
  • Live PUSH Notifications
  • BAYC DASH Chrome Extension
  • Detailed analytics and NFT data
  • Fiat On Ramp
  • Direct messaging between buyers and sellers
  • NFT financing & loans comparison
  • Live BAYC News & Content


As with any marketplace we will earn a fee for each sale but it will be in the 1% range for sellers only, There will be no fees for listing or buyers.

The current floor price for a BAYC NFT is 85 ETH which is circa $160,000 USD at the time of writing during a bear market. OpenSea would earn circa $4,000 in revenue from this sale, Rarible would earn circa $8,000!

During the bear market BAYC NFT sales are around 4 to 5 every 24 hours but during a NFT Summer in 2021 sales where peaking to 30+ per day on OpenSea although this was before $APE and OtherDeeds we have yet to see what the future holds volume wise for sales.

Securing 2 to 3 sales a day on our marketplace from beta launch in Nov 2022 until Jan 2023 will generate circa $295,000 in revenue if we where to charge just a success fee of 1.2% to the seller potentially saving sellers $000’s in marketplace fees.

The Crowdfund

By raising 50 ETH this will allow us to put a team in place for the devs to come in as well as building, auditing & deploying smart contract along with a few more tweaks on UX/UI strategy and design.

Any remaining funds will be used towards marketing as well as operational costs.

A spend schedule will be released two weekly in our discord which backers will all have access to.

Future Potential?

Once we are able to build and deploy BAYC.sale this will not only be absolutely amazing but also provide us and other web3 devs a proof of concept for building dedicated marketplaces.

Our future marketplace plans are: MAYC.sale, UFC.sale and many more.

Another possible future potential is to launch our service as building a dedicated custom marketplace for verified NFT collections and generate revenue from fees or royalty split.

A brilliant example is NBA Top Shot with over $1 Billion in overall sales if they did not have their own dedicated marketplace OpenSea would have generated circa $2.5m in fee revenue… Rarible would have earned $5m.

Crypto Punks has a sales volume exceeding $2.3B but they have saved buyers and sellers potentially millions in marketplace fees thanks to their own dedicated marketplace.


All backers will receive $BSALE tokens which can be used to govern our DAO and earn a percentage of revenue earned via the marketplace smart contract all the information for distribution will be in our official early backer discord.

We also have 110 NFTs to collect which can be used to attend future meet ups and events that we will be hosting.


This is an amazing time to build, And as a team we can build and deploy something insane which will send a clear message to large marketplaces that the community have the power in web3. Bored Ape Yacht Club has surpassed over $2 billion in sales volume and even during todays market it shows no signs of slowing down.

Give us a follow on Twitter for the latest updates and news: @BAYCsale


Disclaimer: BAYC.sale is not affiliated with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Yuga Labs or any of its affiliates

3 Editions
Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.