The Doom Generation

There is no objective reality when you’re living inside it.

We are the youth of the Doom Generation–  individuals denying our presented society in favor of building an evolved version of it. Accepting of two contradictory versions of reality and choosing to be present in both. Finding it impossible to ignore the smell of failure coming from existing societal structures, especially ones arriving at global disparity, we believe the system is futile and prefer to blow it off for a life rejecting established values.

We’ve attempted to catch ourselves before sinking into something resembling disenfranchisement. The illusion of choice can only comfort us for so long before “our freedom” is a statement no longer spoken. If the majority of our governing world [the collective herd] were also this obsessed with creating a life based on transparency, we wouldn’t be marginalized for our genuine cultural resistance. Or our preoccupations with building utopian social architecture.

The embrace of our on-chain world is about building away from the lunatic fringe consumed by most people. Most people, who we believe, would never consider building an alternate universe. They call it ‘digital anarchy’, we call it the new tangible. We’re driven by a desire to truly walk the earth— to walk out of the narrative in which we’ve been labeled mere cogs. Our desires for truth and autonomy are part of the causal chain that leads to a new normal.

The question is, what is the use of such gestures in a concrete sense? By building an alternate universe where permissionless is bliss, but the overall social context into our current reality can easily be ignored, do we really matter? The potency of our convictions is strong, but our collective dreams remain disjointed. We care about society and we care about making money. The two don’t often align.

Are we a movement that doesn’t actually exist - a pocket of resistance at war for society’s autonomy while also drowning in digital dreams of chasing personal gains?

If we are the ones destined to build the future of society, our intentions require personal analysis on how we individually relate to the world. And therein lies the esoteric obstacle of the Doom Generation– cursed to constantly dwell on what is inherently human, while splitting our beings between meta and physical versions of our perceived reality.


The DOOMGEN collection will be released on in Nov 2022.

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