Update on the Ectoverse

Update on the Ectoverse and how the Souls fit in. There will be longer explanations and a whitepaper, just wanted to give everyone an update so we can get on the same page.

The Ectoverse is a metaverse in the making. The ectoverse will not conform to the rules of our current reality. In the ectoverse, there exists communities comprised of properties, and those properties contain assets. The Souls will be the first asset in the ectoverse. Communities and properties are not owned by anyone but instead leased from the DAO/communities and run on a modified version of Harberger fees. Communities will benefit directly from the fees creating a flywheel effect (i.e. Contribute to Earn).

Communities, Properties and Assets will all be NFTs. These NFTs will usher in NFT backed loans, stable coins, liquidity pools etc.

The ectoverse map will be onchain autogenerated to ensure minimum human interference. Maps will take one year to create.

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