Ectoverse Genesis Land

Ecto Genesis Land mint is upon us. Let’s get right into the updates.

Updated Ecto Home Page

Check out our updated homepage page, it includes information on all aspects of the Ecto ecosystem as well as a link to the mint page.

Claim and Public Mint: 4/4/2022

Ecto Land will be available to be Claimed and Minted starting April 4, 2022.

What does land do?

Isometric view of land
Isometric view of land
  • Buildable inside the Ectoverse
  • Fully hosted on IPFS
  • Controlled by the Genesis Land smart contract
  • Doubles as your staking position for rewards from the Ecto Marketplace fees.
  • Fully buildable within the next two months, with incremental beta releases along the way.
  • 2D assets will be available in the Ecto Marketplace that can be used within our Land builder.
  • Combined together to create communities (think sub-DAOs within the Ecto ecosystem) which gives refined control over their portion of fees from the Harberger tax collected on their staked positions.
  • Claimable resources with verifiably random distribution. These resources are then used to complete quests that may lead to increasing your staked position.
  • Total Genesis Land Supply 15,000.

More detailed information can be found in our whitepaper: Whitepaper

Public Mint:

  1. Total Supply in first 48 hours: 5,000 Genesis Land
  2. After 48 hours, all unclaimed Land will be available for public mint
  3. Mint Price: 0.088 ETH


  1. Anyone that holds a Lost Soul, not on denylist can claim a free (+gas) Genesis Land.
  2. Max 10k Genesis Land Claimiable (1 SOUL = 1 Land)
  3. Claim lasts 48 hours and is free + gas (ERC721A is used if you claim all together)

SNAPSHOT has been taken on x2y2, Looksrare, and Rarible. Opensea snapshot is currently being taken, the opensea api randomly rate limits with no defined limit: - so we will be doing it manually. If none of your souls are listed then you are good to go for Genesis Land claim.

- 0xLostLabs team (@EctoXYZ and @LostSoulsNFT)

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