Ecto and Lost Soul Updates

Greetings Ectonians, glu here with an update on Ecto and the Lost Souls. A lot has happened to the broader crypto market past two months, and while we aren’t here to offer any sort of financial advice, we can offer a brief view on what we think of the market as it pertains to Lost Labs.

Firstly, some on the team have lived through some of the worst recent bear years in crypto (2018-2019). Attention dries up, prices stagnate and CT becomes a ghost town. After trying to build and trade markets during those years, we knew when the music stops this past bull run, we needed to be ready for an equivalent bear market (hoping along the way that we don’t get one). It seems like either we are in the early stages of this bear market, or this article will mark the pico bottom of the next bull run.

So at Lost Labs we will chug on, for we have learned the best way to survive crypto is through conviction and the ability to modify conviction as new evidence is presented. Our conviction still resides in the thoughts that culturally, as a society, we are ready for radical shifts in property ownership. Lost Labs was created to be at the forefront of this conversation, and with the below updates, we are one step closer.

With rapid growth comes great ideas, technical debt, and a new outlook on perceived truths. With that, we’ve taken what we’ve already developed and the new information we’ve collected over the past year and came up with a plan to plot a course for the future success of Ecto and the Lost Souls.

Lost Labs will now be broken down into 4 distinct categories:

  1. Ecto Openworld - Collabs
    • Goal: Onboard projects to the Ecto Openworld, creating unique experiences, rooms, and avatar support within the Ecto Openworld
  2. Ecto Protocol - Network Layer
    1. Goal: Handle the general rules of Land and eAssets; each set of Land will be a community on the network
  3. Ecto Marketplace (Link) - Network Layer Node
    1. Goal: Provide economic value capture to Communities (sets of Land) operating on the Ecto Protocol
  4. Ectoverse - Social Layer
    1. Goal: Ectoverse Land and the Lost Souls will reside here, abide by the network protocol rules and handle buildings, quests, governance, etc.

These 4 teams will be used in all material going forward as they offer a more refined version of the ideas put out in the whitepaper. I will be expanding on each in writing going forward and we will begin to roll out a new format to update on the progress of each in a concise manner.

Onward and Upward


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