Black Adam in Paradise

Day 6

The sun was shining and everything looked the most amazing it had ever looked before, i mean how couldn’t it when it was literally created a couple of days ago. straight from the ether, brand new, and blaze.

See how marvelous the trees and animals look, how fresh and clean the air is, and just how perfect the weather always is. The trees, in a constant state of producing fruits in abundance while the animals enjoy eternal youth and health.

There in front of Adam was the most amazing scenery one could imagine, tiny water falls, a variety of fruit, plants species etc. it was clearly a scene to behold, one destined to never leave your mind once you set your eyes on it.

Adam gazed upon the scene with great awe and wondering. trying to fix his attention on what may have inspired the all powerful and mighty creator, his father to create such beauty and wonder.

The creator, who before going on to slumber decided to bless Adam and appoint him the care taker of his creation. Everything above and below, inner and outer was given to him to rule over.

After all he was the exact replica of his creator, a tiny spark of the cosmic fire and flame, that which gave birth to all creation. Channeling a small amount of the creator essence and power through his very soul.

And a creator deserved his own mini kingdom to rule, and so the earth was to be both his domain and his home. A chair fit for a prince to govern the universe while the king was resting.

And so Adam took the mantle and begun the work of governing as he was instructed by the lord of hosts. During the absence of the lord his creator, Adam mostly spent his days helping the animals in the garden.

Naming them, and discovering new ways of using the abilities given to him when he to help there day to day tasks. tasks which also included the overseeing of the creation of new planets, preparing them so they can be ready to be seeded with life forms suited to the terrain.

However in his spare time he would receive special teaching from the angels as part of his training, and boy did he learn quick. The secrets of the universe which each angel was assigned was slowly imparted to Adam.

He was charged with understanding how things work, why they behave the way they do and many more things. For how will he rule what he doesnt know, yet least understand it. hence th angels were tasked to share all there abilities and secrets to Adam.

For each angel could only be allowed to know particular heavenly secrets . secrets which were never allowed to be shared, except with Adam. Some angels taught him the secrets of stones, herbs, of the stars and many more and every thing was perfect.

And although unknown to Adam not all the angels were happy with the authority which he was granted by the creator and with that they set out to try and trap him, and prove to the creator how unfit his son and chosen champion was.

While contemplating the actions of the creator upon the magical scene in front of him, he was disturbed by a loud exploding sound. quickly as fast as the wind, Adam got onto his feet and dashed into the direction of the noise.

When he arrived onto the scene, lo and behold. The angel Uriel was standing in front of him holding a strange looking shaped stone. As Adam got closer he noticed that it was a gem stone shaped skull.

Uriel: fascinating its it?? Uriel asked Adam. This was created specifically for you by Azazel using his craft. he mentioned how it might be useful in your aid to understand and harness more of the abilities of the resources around you.

he also said that it doubles as a key to a vault with precious artifacts called the cave of treasures. A vault created on the 3 day which was used as a storage room of residue elements by the creator. something you are sure to like he said.

Adam took the skull from uriel’s hands. glancing into its empty eye sockets which seemed to be full of stories from a time yet to come. A strange magic loomed over the skull, something Adam had never sensed before .

………………..To be continued.

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