Chapter 2
June 8th, 2022

It's a dark night, with no moon outside. sounds of rain drops hitting the window could be heard, caused by a slight wind Pushing them onto the windows direction. it's already been 3 hrs since ghost and malo left diamond dogg in the slums.

Malo has already reached home, after ghost Dropped off on the way to malo House. Ghost lived in a location that was about 50 mins walk from malos house. In a nice and modern exquisite dark brown house on the corner. Adorned with a nice hedge made of a sweet smelling Mixture of roses and zazamina (wild flowers) With a touch of purple and blue exotic wild plants.

Bein born on valentines day, Ghost has an affinity for plants and women and they for him, which was reflected in the flowers and plants he grew at his home. which attracted some of the finest women from his block. due to there sweet and arousing heavenly scent.

Ghost plans to own a neat ranch equipped, With strip club and a lab (i know right, who would think of such things lol) in the planes of Lusaka. Seeing as the rain had begun on the way back home, just after sunset.

when the weather began to slowly and suddenly change, and the Showers started forming bringing with them a cold and chilling Wind. First thing malo did when he got home, was switch on his Laptop and started playing some dark wave music.

As he begins to undress his almost soaked clothes, that he was wearing, caused by the rain outside. first by removing his shirt, revealing His medium and slightly built body. Exposing his Dark brown, luushing body. paired with a six pack and perfectly toned pelvic bone-thigh area.

making his legs Look like they were attached To his body. Like the way Toy legs look attached. With clearly visible joint area Lines. he would drown in an ocean of wet girls if they could see him like this, he thought to himself.

Malo: boy, oh boy. said malo, as he let out a Long sign. *haaaaaaarrrrr* today quite a day, he said. As he unloaded what was In his pockets, when two Small specks fell out. Oh, Completely forgot about you. malo said, while gently picking them up from the ground they we're laying.

putting them On his table in his bedroom. Although malo was not Poor, he wasnt rich either (yet). He was born in Livingstone, in 1993. to a middle class family Of 2, his father being the bread winner.

while his mother was a psychologist and teacher although she retired long ago from work and decided to do theology instead Which she is still Pursuing. getting only to see malo and his brother Diego on Fridays till Monday morning Every week.

Leaving the boys to do all the fending For themselves and there dad (cleaning and cooking). Malo's dad left very early morning each day and came back quite late At night. due to his job as an accountant for the government. while His brother had just recently completed his Degree and was pursuing his Masters.

malo on the other hand loved business and electronics instead. and was also currently working on an agriculture Project with ghost and his 3 other companions. This was there big time ticket. Not only going to revolutionize the agriculture Sector in Africa, But also the health sector too.

But seeing as they lived in Africa, In a time were everything was corrupt and quite broken. with Shadow governments and the elite ruling and running the continent from afar. Hence They Trusted no one with there idea.

And instead decided to work hard and Raise the resources needed alone. and even if it was Going to be a long and Difficult project. it was going To be worth all the time and effort put into its conception.

Other than that he was blessed With an ability to solve riddles, draw and even had a bit of Writing skill. Although he wrote Almost never, other than that He was a completely normal and Intelligent junky or JUNKIAD For short.

He lived in a 3 bedroomed House, in an average neighborhood. with a small Community of people who all Knew each other. There house was painted white on the outside and blue on the inside, With a black line atleast 10cm From the bottom.

Although the house was donned With lovely seats, a 60 inch Led tv and satellite decoder television with over 1000 of channels to choose from . malo still preferred his room and rarely left it unless when Going to the shop, get some fresh air or smoke a joint outside.

Malo was a skeptic of the supernatural, despite his parents both being highly spiritual people in the community. due to the fact he had never had an encounter with the spiritual realm except through fantasy movies or comics.

Mhhh, I have never seen anything like This before. He said, as he observed the Stone specks on his table. I wonder what it is. is it a new type of experimental drug? or maybe Just a hoax to frighten me? only one way Am gonna find out. is if I take a little bit and taste it with my tongue, immediately, without further thought.

He pinched the speck from the Table, and proceeded to ingest the Mysterious item. I wonder, what it will taste like. is it sweet or bitter? Does it burn like hot chili. or is it cool? He thought. while lost in a myriad of thoughts, his hand got closer and closer to his mouth.

The purple speck almost touching the tip of his tongue as his bedroom door Suddenly swung wide open. *SLAM* *BAAAM* went the door, as a tall dark figure walked Into the room. The sound made by the door frightened malo and Caught him off guard. dropping the entire Mysterious purple objects Into his mouth.

Tall dark figure : Aha I have finally caught you red handed. said a slightly deep voice, in an African accent. wearing a Bubu, which is an African dressing.

such as the ones wore by Muslims and Indians. Malo wanting to reply couldn't. as he kept on choking and Choking *cough cough* Finally catching his breath he replied.

Malo: how was your day at work dad (in Sarcastic manner) As he grinned. while facing Diego who was his brother, and was almost as tall as malo. Although being 4 Years younger, Diego had a darker skin tone than malo. although still his blood brother.

Diego : is that even allowed? What are you upto now? you always doing some weird shit alone in this room. One day you gonna blow up the hood. with them experiments you keep making. He said ,as He plugged his headsets back into his ears and left.

Malo : Ooh shiit!! Ooh SHIT!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Quickly he tried to make himself throw up. By touching his throat area with his finger. But it was already too late. Fuuuuck!! I took it All at once. and at the wrong fucking time, Thought malo.

As all those questions came rushing as quickly and heavy as the flood dropped during Noah's time. What will I do? what will i do. What shall i do, he thought. For no one except him knew about the specks . suddenly it hit him. Let me call Ghost.

Stretching his hand to grab the phone. Which was close to the laptop. His heart beat suddenly begun to race very very fast. His vision blurry and hands sweaty. He begun to gasp for air.

Failing to even dial his friends number on his phone. *Heart Beat* *Heartbeat*. suddenly all his thoughts FROZE, and his body felt as COLD as Ice. His heart Stopped beating, and he Collapsed to the floor.

Throwing the phone on the ground. *phone dialing* the number you have called has there phone switched off. Went the voice from the phone. *sound coming from the laptop* you are tuned in to the rapper show, right here. right now, with the freshest dj.

I am your host, Dj afrikah. And you are tuned in on the hottest show on the planet. Thats, right baby. Am talking about the coolest radio station on the planet. Nyumba Yanga Radio. now am feeling good and old xull so am playing you a classic by Kelly hilson and kanye west.

An unknown fact for people. kanye west, in a local dialect in Zambia literally means "go take a shit in the west" Yes. yes. yes. yes, you heard that right said the dj. As he begun to play, knock you down by kanye west and Keri hilson. As his eyes closed slowly, malo Thought to him self. what is happening to me?

To Be Continued. Look out For Chapter 3.

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