Chapter 3
June 8th, 2022

Deeper and deeper into his mind did Malo's spirit enter, subconsciously Reliving all his earthly moments, dreams and failures. Each a reminder Of what was and could have been.

His bodily senses fading more and more With each second that passed, his ears still hearing ghostly voices of music.

It seemed like the dj on the Rapa show was playing a featuring kanye west triple Threat throwback as Katy Perry ft. kanye west ET was playing and Evidently the last thing Malo's earthly senses heard.

Drip...drip-drip...drip...drip-drip drip was all that could be heard, well that And the endless sound of silence that followed after every dripping sound.

No screams, no voices, it was complete and utter silence as though only one Sound existed in all eternity, as malo tried to open his eyes he noticed that They failed to open as they had already been open.

Am I dead? Am I really dead? Is this what death is? nothing but undisturbed dripping sounds fueled with endless silence and darkness? no sense of direction and only nothingness?

These and other thoughts went through Malo's head for what seemed like Countless earth hours, for he could not calculate how long he had been Here. Was time the same here as his former home? maybe it was faster, or Slower? maybe no time even existed in this place.

Or maybe...maybe....just maybe this was HELL!!!, his thoughts accompanied by horrible dark and creepy feelings filled with grim pictures of demons and hell fire brimstone. Ahhhhhhhh malo screamed on top on his voice yet to no avail, as his voice Simply just whimpered.

Unknown figure: iwe muntu wa muntu, uka, yafika ntau yo yende (You there son of man, wake up it is time to go) Said an unknown figure In a foreign tongue that although malo never learnt seemed to understand.

Malo: whose there? Why can't I see you? Said malo seemly unaware that a Few seconds ago he was unable to even make a sound louder than birds flapping Wings, much less talk.

Unknown entity : *SNAPS his fingers* and immediately malo gets a feeling of falling but before he could even dare to scream, he hit his head on the ground as he body plunged against what felt like dry ground such as the one found In Sudan.

And although he hit his head and body quite hard there was no Pain confirming Malo's suspicion of really being dead as such a fall would have broken his neck and a few limbs back on earth.

To his surprise his eyes, begun to slowly but clearly see in this darkness revealing a large dog headed man thing starring him in the face.

Malo: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what the Funny bunny, Mother Fanta, son of a biscuit as malo screamed while trying to curse.

Unknown entity: you cannot say hurtful words or insults here mortal. Malo still in shook of this dog looking being whose has the ability to talk Asked the being "what or who are you"? what do you want from me? how can talk? where am i?

Unknown entity : kina yena y'ale mulena waba shew'le, uja we'ama Pelika bokufa muchi boat changa yama bonzo, ndi okufa kudala olo Nikalibe kubhadwa, Ndine Anubis !!!!!!!!

Translation: (I am he who is the God of the dead, he who ferries dead souls across the abyss of dark nothing the Void and glitch of creation, I am he who is dead although never lived, I AM ANUBIS).

Said the jackal headed being and now you must proceed to my my boat before your soul is devoured and lost, as he pointed to a large boat made entirely of bones. Although large enough to carry a legion of souls, it could only take one soul At a time.

MALO: why am I the only one on the boat?

Anubis: ...................................................................

Malo: were are all the other dead souls malo asked, his mind seemly now accepting the fact he was truly dead beyond a measure of doubt.

Anubis: ..................................................................

Malo: guess you don't talk too much do you? Said malo, although he was only meet with complete silence. After a few minutes of silence, the being begun to speak in an unknown tongue.

ANUBIS: bokufa be Bana fa kudala nepilekine ku side enangu mul unguarded wanu arkupenpani

Translation: (oh ye who are lost and dead take I your God to the other side of the dark void so I may pass with this mortal, I your God commands you) And immediately the boat made of bones begun to move in the dark void river.

Malo: woo oops, as malo stumbles around the boat and hits an eerie looking lamp emitting a strange colored hue of light, In turn causing him to almost fall off the boat into the dark colored water. But before malo could plunge into void, Anubis Quickly catches him with his death looking scythe.

Anubis: careful, the river of the dark void is deadlier than death, for If you fall in you will be erased from creation it's self and can never be brought back he said, sending chills down Malo's spine or were his spine used to be.

Malo decides to go and sit some were safer than he was at the beginning, we will soon be there said Anubis. While sitting down Malo's thoughts about his old life begin to flood his mind, remembering how he was dead.

how his Friends would feel, his family and just about everyone else who knew him. Overwhelmed with sadness and emotions he Begins to cry but still keeping his voice low so as to jot disturb the entity, he was really dead and their was nothing he could Do about.

Anubis : Ahhhhhhhhhhh I can see the sho...., but before the entity could finish his sentence, a huge thump was heard on the boat as though something of monstrous size and strength just hit it, sending malo out of his thoughts and sent flying into the Air around the room.

Hold on tight, said Anubis as he navigated his boat around trying to keep I think steady. *boooooooom* *boom* BREAK!!! Went the boat while being overturned whilst in the air, after being hit and thrusted up By an unknown creature.

Anubis: taha kuna matter (come to me holy power) Said Anubis as he swept malo who was falling, with his scythe While the boat plunged into the water and was devoured, a great and mighty flash of intense light appeared.

illuminating the entire place except the void, as the light which fell inside trying to illuminate the void was swallowed up and never return ,how ever this light that seemed to have no effect on the void seamlessly changed Anubis's entire Form.

Revealing Anubis dark true form, much much more frightening and powerful than the one he wore while ferrying souls across the void.

Only then did malo after seeing Anubis true form remember him fully from one of the books he had read while on earth, and Egyptian book called the book I found coming forth by day and night aka the book of the dead.

The being in front of him Was the Egyptian God of the dead ANUBIS. how could I be so stupid, thought malo to himself blaming himself for not recognizing who the entity was even after it telling him his name, Anubis the great jackal headed God of the DEAD .

Indeed in that moment malo felt both very safe and afraid at the same time, this was going to be A battle so great even the other gods would stare down from heaven to witness it, thought malo.

Anubis: manje echi chintu chivipanga bwanji,ati umumwe vintu veka ngena ninshi kwasila cha soba, chivi ndiye mwechi Choka,niche satana cha bwanji echi chokosa so

Translation: (how is this even possible, for a thing to exist in the Void alive without being wiped out of existence) thought Anubis To himself.

Still contemplating about the being, a large screaming and screeeeching sound could be heard from the void, Suddenly a dark large figure emerged out of the part where the boat had plunged.

For a moment, as malo was looking down Into the Void, while suspending from Anubis scythe, the whole river seemed to jump up towards them. *boooooshe * went the waters up towards malo and Anubis.

Revealing an abomination of a creature, a dark demonic looking Creature so evil even the gods thought it a myth, rarely mentioned in holy books and only once in the bible

ANUBIS: impossible said Anubis this is just impossible, that creature is the is the …THE LEVIATHAN.

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