The Moon Child
June 8th, 2022

Intro: Schasa Haley and Ras Mwizy’s Song plays in background.

“trying to get away from you. but there's no escaping you, things you make me do. o'lord how much I paid for you..” Is all that could be heard, through the vapours of smoke around the depo (marijuana smoke house).

It's the 21 century, in the 2017. As teenagers are experimenting with all types of drugs. from cocaine to Xanax to marijuana, to just plain pills. Some do it to escape from reality, others to fit into groups or simply peer pressure.

Malo: brooooo. am like soo high right now. All I can hear is that song. "trying to get away from you..... trying to get away from you. Trying to get away from you". This song is like a stuck record in my head man.

Ghost: naine boi. (me too bro) so apa nivela chi shan'God ba Kamba. (am also high as fuck) says ghost, who is Malo's best friend from child hood.

Malo: soo high I can't feel my legs. But when i look to check. BOOM they are there. Am fucked bro. I think we should get going. it's never been a good idea spending a long time in this junky paradise. you might get yourself stabbed, robbed or adopted.

Yeah nigga you heard right. Fuck around and get adopted in this bitch. said malo, As he looked around the depo filled with smoke. and scents from all the drugs simultaneous being done by the teenagers. Kind of a shame when you really think of it. thought malo to himself.

Ghost: just one more hit More hit, and We can live. Iz that cool? He said while holding the joint.

Malo: well, suit your self. With everything that happened today, am out of this bitch. with or without you. shouts malo, with a shaved sided haircut and a trimmed moustache.

Donning a pair of black leather boots, with a blue jean and an old black leather jacket. reaching just were his jeans seem to start from. As he stands up from the half eaten mattress he was sleeping on.

Ghost: ok. ok. shish, quit being a cry baby. who is rocking a pair of black sweat pants and vans. Has a kinky afro and is carrying an orange bag. And a boom box. Who also stands up and follows malo behind out of the depo.

*creeee * goes the door from the depo. as it opens to the outside and reveals a large and dirty unmaintained ghetto. Ahhh chibolya, nyumba Yama junky. "house of junkies and crack heads" still cant seem to get used to this view. hehehe, says ghost.

As he laughs at the site of a group of junkies. who had passed out, cause of an overdose of synthetic heroine. which seems to appear, as though out of thin air every morning according to locals.

well, that's if you believe all that mumble jumble crap. while starring around the scenery of the compound. besides all the filth, flies and junkies around. malo, seems to notice a familiar face from a distance.

Malo: boi.(bro) that person there looks quit familiar. Could that who I think it is? who!! replies ghost, as he switches on his cigarette and blows out a cloud of smoke. There boi, says malo. near the place were that butcher is killing the pigs.

That dude next to him who seems to be asking for something from people. is that..."diamond Dogg". they both exclaimed . ahh Fuck, we better get the fuck outta here before he starts asking for drug money. but before ghost can finish his sentence, the dogg already spots them.

OOOH SHIT. too late, says Ghost. as Diamond Dogg AKA Double D, Starts Screaming Malo’s name As loud as he could.

Double D: Malo, Maaaalo! malo!! malo!! malo!! He shouts. as he comes jogging towards ghost and malo. while holding a cheap 5c bottle of half brandy (JUNTA).

With a quarter cigarette in his other hand. wearing an oversized white and gold baseball jersey. And an old Sean john short, with a pair of pink crocs with socks.

Double D: ba guy, zoona, zoona. eyyyy, so apa, nezo ganiza ati. manji neza nopina bwanji. na shota che chi k4 (4 cents) niguleko che chi voolo (crack).

Translation: (You guys, ish. I need your help man. I wanted to buy some heroine, but am kinda short. and was wondering were I was going to get my self some money to add on top.

Then I saw you guys. and I was like there goes my saviors. so pleeease, pleeease guys, help me out with only like only 4 cents. said double D, as he took another shot of his cheap liquor.

Malo: Thank God I don't drink that shit any more. thought malo to himself.

Ghost: Sorry bro, we only have transport money to get back home. And its getting pretty late, replies ghost. As he throws away his pacific cigarette. And let's out a large yaaawn. That scurve (cigarette) hit the spot . he said, while looking at malo.

Malo: Pssshhh, whatever. let's go before you start thinking of doing even more drugs.

Double D: No no no no, please, pleeease guys. help a brother out maan. just a k4 (4cents) and I won't trouble you any longer. C'Mon guys. we are buddies from the same hood bro.

we played soccer together and watched ed, edd and eddy remember? I even let you play that monkey game . what was the name again? Ahhh ginger ninja!! on dstv, when we was young, now it's your turn to return the favor. c'mon guys.

Ghost: Nigga that was fucking 11 Years ago bro. it doesn't count.

Double D: it counts to me.

Malo: yea yea yea whatever man, ghost!! said malo. give this guy some money so we can go. we can walk a bit, Then find a bus half way bro near the mosque.

Ghost: Ginger ninja my foot, * Ghost checks pocket* Fuck!! Fuuck!! Shiiiit, said Ghost. Wassup? whats wrong? replied malo. I dont got no change bro, of all the fucking days it had to be today. we gotta go find some and quick cause its getting late man.

Teyeni pa depo panga. muza nigulila, then niza sala nebaila volo yanga.

Translation: (let's go to my supplier's crack house. you can buy from there and I will remain getting high while you guys get your change) Said diamond Dogg.

Awesome!! As I cannot wait to leave this hell whore. exclaimed malo, as they begun walking towards diamond dog's depo (crack house). Although it didn't look like it. double D aka The Beast Aka Diamond Dogg. was actually from the richest family in the hood.

he had everything you can ever want. From cars to houses and property, to a large mansion. in fact the biggest mansion in the entire city. but due to an important figure's death he turned to drugs for comfort.

And since then, it's been a looong hiiiiigh road. filled with sorrow and drugs. although he has tried rehab, it doesn't seem to have worked. otherwise we would not be In this position.

How far is your depo ma...n. *squash sound* Ahhh FUCK!! said ghost, as he stepped into a pool of pigs blood. Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuuck!! Fuuuuuck!! my favourite shoes. Oooo my glorious, favorite shoes.

said ghost as he continued making immature crying noises. as malo Passes by and taps him on his Back "HARDLUCK BRO". While grinning and giving him that, " I told you we should have gone home before he saw us face". Paired with an evil smile just to complete the package.

Double D: Tefika manji manji, nipa fupi (we are almost there it's very near now)

Ghost: Near my ass. if we don't reach there in the next 5 mins, you can forgot about the trip you want me to pay for. says ghost, as his face displays no emotion.

Eh yeeee, Mwana wanga wa bwelela nafuti? apa niza kupasa mbasela

Translation: (my son you are back to buy some more? This time I will add something extra). Said an old Sharp voice.

Double D : Ahh supplier, hahaha as he runs and gives a long hug to an old lady in front of us. even though he is a Junky he stills has a good heart, said ghost.

Let's go bro, it's Getting late. Said ghost while patting malo on his back. As They all entered the old woman’s depo in the ghetto.

*lighter switches on* At the same time Grace Jones's walking in the rain starts playing on a junkies phone in the depo. on this new internet radio station called nyumba yanga radio. On a show called the rapa show.

With Some guy calling himself Dj afrikah or some shit. Yo yo yo yo shit. haha increase the mother fucking volume nigga. Said malo to the junky. cause that's my shit right there. Oooooo graaace mother fucking jones.

I swear if I was just a bit older. Mhhh the things i would do, exclaimed malo.

Ghost: See I told you he was crazy. he just doesn't show it alot, said ghost. imitating a mike Epps voice.

ok so nomba apa twala lipilila ba diamond dogg che volo chabo Mutpele change yesu nomba leni apa so tu fumepo

Translation: (ok soo we will pay for his package and kindly give us our change we start o as we are kind of in a rush. said ghost

Old lady: No problem and in a jiffy she stretched out her hand to the boys. malo collects the change and they turn round and Start heading out. Thanks mama. says ghost, as he waves to the old lady. boi (bro) time-time, we will link up digo (the hood) says malo to diamond dogg.

Diamond dogg: thanks a lot ba guy, osani onelamo. (dont judge me) I will still Try to change my habits. just that now is not the time. And even if it kills me before I do, atleast I would have died trying. like 50 cent, haha, haha, ha. Ghost and Malo both laugh, as they step out of the depo (crack house).

While leaving malo accidentally bumps into a weird looking guy, making him drop his michopo (goat meat) *bump* Unknown guy: iwe chikala, mapolo yako mukamwa. (local insults) as he pulls out an old looking, rusting but Sharp blade.

niza griza ka chikala (am going to kill you, mother fucker) how dare you make me drop my lunch. Malo feeling threatened by the insults and the blade retaliated backwards. Tripping over some residue Burned firewood.

From a fire that was used by junkies to keep themselves warm at night. falling Backwards. landing in another crack house. just opposite the old ladys depo (crack house). Being extremely packed, these tiny houses were literally next to each other like rooms.

Ghost: wo wo wo wo bakamba. so sorry (munzanga nichi kala )my friend is as ass hole, please forgive his stupidity. He didn't mean to bump you said ghost. As he apologized to the strange looking man who seemed as tall as a midget. With grey looking feet, and tiny burnt looking hands.

On top of 2 missing fingers on each hand, he also had an enormous head. To be honest the more ghost looked at the stranger, the more he seemed like a grey alien fucked a monkey, and then proceeded to fuck the offspring producing the figure in front of him, thought ghost.

Malo: ouch. arrr that hurt really bad. *fuuuck* said malo, as he checked out his bruises. which were on his Hands and part of his body caused due to the fall. *unknown voice* why am I not Surprised. I always knew you were a spoilt little Brat in your youth.

Malo: Excuse me do I know you? and Who the fuck are you calling a brat. Old cow, keep talking that smack and Am definitely going to spin your jaw. like boom! boom! pow nigga.

Old man: Not yet you won't. Not yet anyway, muttered the old man to his self. In a hifty low voice, as he looked at malo and said. I hope after talking that smack you are gonna pay for that which you have broken in my abode young brat.

Pay for what? and i told you dont call me a braaa.... oh shit, said malo as he notices that he broke a small Thoth statue during his fall. Am so so so sorry bakamba, I didn't mean too. just that I almost got stabbed and ....and...

Old man: SILENCE!! Every deed or action must be paid, wether by good or bad it must be paid.

Malo: but I I I am broke sir, I have no money. but transport only, pardon me and i will do anything....well not everything, but anything. what were you expecting me to do, get stabbed? No way. The old man kept quiet for a while. before he uttered his next words.

Oldman: Since you have no money there is something you will do for me, stay here i will ne back as he leaves Malo alone in his shop. Although the thought had crossed his mind a couple of times. malo did not decide to run away.

And even if he tried, something kept compelling him to sit in that very position. The old man returned with a small black bag. where he pulls out a small specs of a dark purple stone. which kinda looks Like a form of dark chocolate in purple icing.

These tiny stone specs were of the size of 2 lemon balm seeds. which are pretty small and handed them to malo. on the day of the red moon. on July 27 2018, said the old man. Thou shall take this when the moon turns red, do you agree to this as your payment?

Malo without even thinking gets the tiny seed like stone and takes them, thank you kind sir as he runs out of the the depo, grabs ghost by his bag as who was now trying to buy more drugs after sorting out the misunderstanding With the strange looking man malo bumped.

Malo: lets go right now, before we are late as Fuuuck. cool said ghost, as he switched on his cigarette and malo starts Playing sunglasses by Cory hearts on ghosts boom box.

as they walk to the bus stop. Ghosts says something, “regardless of todays events, today was a great day”.

Malo: it always is bro. it always is (says malo slowly). as him and ghost get on a bus home.

Shout out to everyone reading and supporting. This was created and written in 2017 and has been an on going for a couple of years now. With a total of 9 Chapters which have been written over a period of 5 years.

These chapters are being made into NFTS for the first time in order to store there amazing story and history. Each available to be collected by fans of the novel, with the 10 episode premiering right here on mirror soon.

This will see the continuation of the story of The moon child as was originally planned by the author a couple of years ago. Thank you once more to every one who collected and collects this amazing master piece.

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