$BABEL: Defeating the Language Barrier for Latin America

By Luis Otra Vez and the early community of La DAO

Language is a major barrier for learning. This is orders of magnitudes amplified when you are trying to figure out something as complex as web3.

We are going to fix that. And we are starting with Spanish for Latin America.


We are creating a DAO as a Media Network to curate, translate and create content in Spanish to onboard latino creators and builders to web3 so they can make the most out of this technology.

Benefits for holders

  • Access to the whole process. Publicly documented on Twitter, but shared in detail regarding decisions, tools and processes within a tokenized Telegram group.The documentation will be mostly in spanish.
  • Get involved in the decision process while creating a DAO built as a Media Network and Learning Hub.
  • Early access and recognition as original contributors when the DAO launches in February 2022.
  • Alpha on projects and early access to projects created by the artists, creators and builders in our community

Unless publicly announced, this token will have no other uses than the ones described here.


Context before starting

Hi, I’m Luis. I’ve been working with startups and social entrepreneurs within the peruvian entrepreneurship ecosystem before joining web3 full time. I took my first steps with curiosity but little money to risk. Then I won a giveaway from Nick Tomaino, former CFO of Coinbase (1 ETH!), and I took it as a scholarship for learning.

Four months ago, an opportunity came up: to join a new team forming to create a scholarship guild for Axie Infinity players. Then I was set: I went all in with web3. Diving into NFTs and DAOs convinced me this technology could potentially change the world and how we build our lives around the economy.

My life’s goal is to help LatAm become the world’s hub for impact innovation. I believe web3 plays a key role in that mission, so for the following years I’ll focus on onboarding creators and builders to create with web3 the foundation for a better future.

LA DAO, our hub for creators figuring out web3

A month ago, the team I joined allowed me to experiment with an idea: to build a DAO for onboarding latino creators. Since then, artists, photographers, videomakers, writers and all kinds of creators have joined us.

We had a starting point: a list of resources, lots of hours spent getting to know communities around NFTs, and experience building communities of practice. So LA DAO was born.

We’ve slowly grown the community. Almost no social media posts but pure organic invitations, and direct contact with artists and creators we wanted to invite. The idea was to have a Minimum Viable Community, and to figure out together what we could build that could help us all figure out our way thru web3.

We are a community first and mostly, but this crowdfund will help us become a DAO, building on top of an even bigger idea.

Creating a DAMN for creating and distributing localized learning content

Decentralized Autonomous Media Networks have a main activity: to create and distribute content. We believe content and a learning community willing to collaborate and experiment together could be the basis for achieving a truly inclusive and decentralized new Internet. We are calling this project Babel.

Babel will be the central DAO, the Media Network that allow us to onboard not only creators in LA DAO but also latino builders who want to create applications, protocols and DAOs while learning in spanish. Babel will be the central hub for all of these amazing people to come together and build towards the future.

Translating from other DAOs and platforms

The basics have already been covered by people way more versed than us. The OGs have fundamentals covered: we are going to coordinate how to translate and distribute content from other DAOs, always recognizing the original source.

Creating Playbooks and Case Studies

Emerging best practices will change often, so our playbooks will need constant updating from the community. That’s why we are going to be covering case studies very often, sourced from the experience of our own community members.

Experimenting together

Learning is cool, but doing is better. Collaborations will be at the hearth of our community, hoping to expand what’s next in web3.

3 Editions
Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.

Creators and Builders: Pillars of our community

We are focusing on onboarding creators and builders first. Here is why

Creators have audiences and a connection with them that makes their messages more accessible. They can multiply our reach to onboard millions if we work together. They are also key in creating a new cultural mindset that builds on top of web3 principles of collaboration and openness. We believe this is the biggest opportunity humanity’s ever had to create a massive identity around collaboration without borders nor distinctions.

Builders will create the new organizations (hopefully all of them DAOs) and economic models of tomorrow. We want them to learn how to do that based on the same culture that creators are going to be building. The companies of tomorrow don’t have to follow the same biases that have harmed humanity so much. Builders also have a massive reach when they create the new tools we are all going to be using in the following years.

Both community members will share a common space in La DAMN, learning the basics together. But then they will each have their own specialized space: creators' needs are not the same from builder’s.

With both creators and builders, we believe we can build a future with shared values and visions of what a brighter tomorrow means, starting with web3.

What happens after you get your tokens

  • Follow LA DAO to keep yourself updated on when we launch the tokenized Telegram!
  • We will migrate 50% of tokens (in this crowdfund, you can see we are keeping 65% of them - 15% goes to me) to Polygon, when we are going to be using them for more accessible crowdfunds (Mainnet gas fees are a pain for low income countries!) over the following two weeks of launch (before the 15th of January)
  • Launch of our community roadmap: from improving LA DAO’s community to building the tokenomics for when LA DAO and Babel finally launches

Democratizing the new Internet

Language doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. And if we solve this for Spanish speaking people, we know the processes and economic models we build can serve as a foundation for other regions and communities to build on top of.

Web3 benefits from composability, and we believe that solving the problem for Latin America can be a first step towards solving the problem of localization and accessibility for communities around the world.

We are going to be sharing our lessons with anyone who wants to build with us, and after a first initial months testing everything out in Latin America, we can begin thinking on how to scale this models to other sides of the world.

This time, the new Internet we are all building together has to include everyone around the world.

That is the only way We’re All Gonna Make It, frens. By creating a world when language is no longer a barrier.

Let’s rebuild Babel.