Opside Pre-alpha Testnet Recap: 88 Miners, 17K Validators, 450K Users, 13.6M TX, Together We Made It!

Opside's Pre-alpha Incentive Testnet has reached an impressive milestone, culminating in a triumphant three-month journey and heralding the launch of the Alpha Testnet. Since its commencement on May 24th, this Testnet has been a hotbed of activity, drawing enthusiastic engagement from our dynamic community, PoS validators, PoW miners, visionary projects, and dedicated developers. Today, we are thrilled to unveil the exceptional accomplishments achieved during Opside's Pre-alpha Incentive Testnet and to provide valuable insights into the seamless transition from Pre-alpha to Alpha, complete with comprehensive points redemption guidelines for our ecosystem participants.

1. Impressive Accomplishment

1.1 Engagement

Over 450,000 participants joined the Pre-alpha Testnet, facilitating a staggering 13,580,057 transactions. The ecosystem showcased robust participation with 16,883 PoS nodes and 88 PoW miners. On the ecosystem front, more than 100 high-quality projects applied to participate, leading to 14 projects successfully launching their exclusive zkEVM Appchains via Opside ZK-Rollup LaunchBase, all maintaining stable operations.

1.2 Community Growth

Opside's Twitter followers skyrocketed to 83K, exhibiting an astounding 836% growth over three months. The Opside Discord community also boasted an active user count of 96K, achieving a remarkable 1631% growth within the same period.

2. Technological Breakthroughs

2.1 ZK-Rollup LaunchBase

Opside's mission to make ZK-Rollup more user-friendly and widely accessible became a reality through the introduction of ZK-RaaS. This initiative aims to enable developers to deploy their zkEVM Appchains across multiple Layer 1 networks.

In a significant mid-August update, ZK-Rollup LaunchBase added support for ETH/BSC/Polygon Testnets and offered various modular components, including DA/shared sequencer. Furthermore, it introduced multiple Infra as a Service options, such as Dex as a Service, Oracle as a Service, NFT market as a Service, and DID as a Service.

2.2 Native Cross-Rollup Communication

Opside's introduction of the NCRC protocol revolutionized cross-rollup communication. Rather than relying on third-party bridges, Opside revamped ZK-Rollup's native bridge at the system level. This streamlined approach maximized security and minimized the complexities and trust costs of third-party bridges.

2.3 Enhanced ZK-PoW Protocol and Two-step Submission Algorithm

Multi-chain ZK-PoW protocol allows miners to provide ZKP arithmetic for ZK-Rollup on multiple L1s such as Ether, BNB Chain, etc.

Opside achieved a 50% efficiency improvement in generating ZKPs. In multi-miner scenarios, the computation time for ZKPs was shortened to under a minute, significantly accelerating ZK-Rollup's confirmation time.

3. Community & Ecosystem Empowerment

3.1 Customized zkEVM Appchains

As more projects recognize the significance of ZK-Rollup, the demand for customized ZK-Rollup solutions across various market segments is growing rapidly. Currently, 15 projects have been selected and have successfully created their own zkEVM Appchains. Many of them have deployed applications on these Appchains, with positive user engagement and feedback.

Notable projects like ReadON, a prominent content distribution platform, generated their own ZK-Rollups, bridges, and browsers using Opside's ZK-Rollup LaunchBase within minutes, and they utilized their own Native Token as the Gas Fee Token for the ZK-Rollup.

Era 7, a top-ranking game project on the BNB Chain, also embraced Opside's ZK-Rollup LaunchBase to create its dedicated zkEVM Appchain. Special contract deployments benefited from Opside's 0 Gas fee feature, removing transaction fees for users and lowering barriers for traditional Web2 gamers.

3.2 Partnerships

During the pre-alpha Testnet phase, Opside also proactively engaged with numerous project teams, attentively listening to their needs and pain points. Currently, Opside has forged robust partnerships with over 50 leading projects, including well-known platforms such as OKX, Galxe, Space ID, SupraOracles, ReadOn, GasZero, Port3, Relation, and more. Together, these partnerships are collectively dedicated to shaping the future development of the ZK ecosystem.

3.3 Global Participation

Undoubtedly a resounding success, the Pre-alpha Testnet witnessed an overwhelming response with participation exceeding 450,000 individuals hailing from more than 60 countries. This diverse array of participants took on roles ranging from validators, users, miners, to developers. These united efforts formed the backbone of this achievement, and Opside extends its sincere appreciation to each and every contributor who played a crucial role in this journey. The synergy of this international community has undeniably been instrumental in propelling Opside's vision forward. We also hope to see your active presence once again in the upcoming Alpha Testnet. We look forward to seeing everyone's active participation once again in the next Alpha Testnet!

Validator IP Distribution
Validator IP Distribution

4. Rules, Explanation, and Future Campaigns

Following the successful conclusion of the Opside Pre-alpha Testnet, the Opside team provides the following explanation regarding the community's interest in the Alpha Testnet arrangement and the automatic conversion rules for Pre-alpha Testnet points:

4.1 Pre-alpha Testnet Points Automatic Conversion Rules (for Validators & Miners)

  • Validators will automatically exchange points based on the number of IDE they produced during the Pre-alpha Testnet period, with a conversion rate of 35 Testnet IDE: 1 loyalty point.

    For example: If Alice's Validator address produced 3,500 IDE during the Pre-alpha Testnet, she would receive 100 loyalty points. The system will automatically convert the points and display them on the latest leaderboard for Validators to review.

  • Miners The system will automatically exchange points based on the number of proofs miners submitted during the Pre-alpha Testnet period, with a conversion rate of 1 proof: 2 points.

    For example: If Bob's Miner address submitted 1024 proofs during the Pre-alpha Testnet, he will receive 2048 points. The system will automatically convert the points and display them on the latest leaderboard for Miners to access.

(*Note that this rule is only applicable for Opside Pre-alpha Testnet phase.)

Currently, Opside's loyalty points will serve as the sole credential for exchanging Mainnet tokens in the future. The specific exchange rate will be announced at an appropriate time.

4.2 Alpha Testnet Gala

  • Just as Opside communicated to the community weeks ago, for Validators and Miners, the transition from the Opside Pre-alpha Testnet to the Alpha Testnet will be seamless. Validators and Miners do not need to take any further actions, and all blocks and submitted proofs from the Opside Pre-alpha Testnet will be immediately counted towards Alpha Testnet rewards.

  • The Opside team anticipates launching a new round of Alpha Testnet campaigns in early September, open to all global users without any entry barriers. The Alpha Testnet campaigns will be presented in a completely new format and come with additional surprise rewards!

  • Opside will offer a brand-new Leaderboard on our official website, allowing all users, including Validators and Miners, to view the historical points earned with the currently connected addresses, Alpha Testnet rankings, and extra rewards.

It's worth mentioning that Opside will soon collaborate with Space ID to release the .Opside domain name. Users who register and acquire the domain name will be showcased on the leaderboard. Stay tuned for more updates about the .Opside domain name through Opside's Twitter announcements.

5. Closing

The success of the Opside Pre-alpha Testnet would not have been possible without the contributions of every participant. At this point, the Opside team sincerely thanks the global community users, developers, PoS Validators, PoW Miners, all Testnet participants, VC, and partners for their unwavering attention and support! You are all crucial members of the Opside team!

While the Pre-alpha Testnet may have concluded, for now, Opside's momentum remains unyielding. The ZK narrative will keep unfolding as Opside embraces gradual growth from humble beginnings to grand achievements. We meticulously tread the roadmap's path, striving to deliver enduring value and contribute to the sustained future evolution of the ZK-Rollup ecosystem.

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