Secure Your Spot on the Opside Developer Faucet Whitelist (Pre-alpha)

Sign up for the developer's faucet whitelist to claim Testnet tokens early on! Google form

The testnet tokens from developer’s faucet will be used for developers to lease a zkEVM of their own. Developers can generate a new zkEVM chain on Opside with one click. This way every great application can have its own execution environment.

Pre Application Starts from: 10AM UTC, MAY 8th.

How to enter:

  1. Complete the Google form in advance to apply as a developer.

  2. We will announce the whitelisted addresses of successful applicants via our official Discord community and Twitter account (Note: one Discord username corresponds to one wallet address).

  3. Whitelisted developers can access the developer's faucet channel in the Opside Discord community (This specific channel will be made available later within the Discord community).

  4. Input your whitelisted wallet address and receive testnet $IDE in our Discord developer faucet channel.

  5. Develop your own dApps on Opside and get your developer role on Opside Discord.

  6. If your address is not whitelisted, you will not receive the testnet $IDE, even if you enter the Discord developer's faucet channel.

If you want to refer to more detailed information about building your own ZK-Rollup, please visit:


We will conduct a certain level of screening for the developers who apply. Developers must provide their own GitHub link and elaborate on their previous development experience.

Opside Intro

Opside offers ZK-Rollup-as-a-Service with a decentralized three-layer network, combining PoS and PoW consensus. It provides scalable zkEVM chains for Web3 developers, tackling Layer 2 limitations with a unique design. With rapid transactions, minimal fees, and easy ZK-Rollup project deployment, Opside supplies essential hardware resources and enables seamless asset transfers.

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