Review of Opside Community Call 0713: Unveiling Opside's Progress, Future Objectives, and Collaborative Ventures

On the evening of July 13th, we hosted our first Opside community call and were thrilled with active participation and questions from our community members. For those who missed out, we've compiled a transcript of the Q&A session, allowing you to stay updated with Opside's latest developments.

Opside Update:

Since the launch of our testnet on May 24th, Opside has achieved impressive results. You can access our website to view the Leaderboard. Currently, we have over 12,600 validators, close to 70 miners, over 130,000 users, and over 5 million transactions. Approximately 10 projects have been deployed on the public Opside zkEVM, with an additional 8 high-quality projects that have created their own zkEVM and deployed applications. We sincerely appreciate the support from our global community users, without which, these achievements would not be possible.


Our team, consisting of 70% techs, is spread across the U.S. and Asia. Everyone has deep expertise in the crypto field and has immense faith in ZK & Opside. We are also hiring experts and talents in the ZK field. Feel free to send your resume to

Opside Objectives in Q3:

We are steadily achieving milestones according to the roadmap shared earlier on our official website. Our focus in the coming period will be on:

  • Integration of the ZK Stack, introducing GPU ZKP mining.

  • Launch other Basechain Options such as ETH/BNB Chain/Polygon PoS.

  • Facilitating more project teams to complete rollup creation and deployment.

  • Sponsoring and attending ETHCC, WEBX, KBW, Token 2049, and ZKSummit.

  • Onboarding more miners.

  • Expanding the Opside community and providing round-the-clock service to our users.

About Galxe Campaign:

We have a deep cooperation with Galxe, a close partner of ours. Our pre-alpha campaign on Galxe has yielded great results. So far, nearly 200,000 users have directly or indirectly participated in this event. Users who complete tasks can earn Opside points, which can be converted to mainnet tokens when our mainnet launches. We hope everyone can participate more in Galxe's events and invite friends to join and compare points ranking (lol). The pre-alpha event will end on August 23, so there's still over a month left for everyone to participate and complete tasks. After the pre-alpha event ends, we will co-host an alpha event with Galxe. In the future, we will also launch some campaigns in cooperation with Galxe and other top projects. Stay tuned!

Regarding Validators:

We are delighted to see that Opside now has over 12,600 nodes, exceeding our pre-alpha testnet goal of 10,000 nodes two months ahead of schedule. All nodes are run by community users, and the AWS cost for running a node is about $1,500 per year. This is a real cost, and the validators running the nodes will receive corresponding point rewards.

Moreover, it’s never too late to participate as a node validator in the network. While it's true that we now have over 12,000 validators, this should not discourage new entrants, but rather serve as a testament to the strength and vitality of our ecosystem. It's an active, thriving environment where everyone plays an essential role.

As a validator, you are the backbone of the network, providing essential services that help maintain the security and integrity of the system. Your role involves validating transactions and creating new blocks in the blockchain, crucial tasks in the operation of any decentralized network.

The beauty of a decentralized network like ours is its inclusivity. Whether you've been here since day one or you're just starting today, your contributions are valued and rewarded. Yes, early participants might have accumulated more rewards due to their tenure, but that doesn't mean there's a cap on rewards or opportunities for new validators. In fact, the system is designed to encourage ongoing participation and rewards are distributed to everyone who contributes to maintaining and strengthening the network.

Our ecosystem is growing rapidly, and we anticipate even more transactions and activities in the future, which means an increased demand for validators. The more validators we have, the more secure and robust our network becomes.

So, to potential validators, we say: There is no such thing as being late to the party. The network will always benefit from your participation, and you, in return, will earn your fair share of rewards. Join us in this exciting journey as we work together to foster a resilient, inclusive, and dynamic ecosystem. Remember, every contribution, no matter how small it may seem, plays a part in the grand scheme of things.

Please feel free to send your validator application to

Regarding Miners:

Currently, as Opside first launched Polygon zkEVM, the requirements for miners are relatively high. It requires more than 10 machines with 48 cores and 1TB of memory to participate in the current PoW. Despite these requirements, 65 community miners globally have participated and provided hash power for various rollups. However, this situation will improve in August when we integrate zk stack. Miners will then be able to use GPUs to provide hash power and mine, and we expect a large number of miners to flood into Opside. You might not be aware, but our team has a profound understanding of mining, including our involvement in past operations like BTC, ETH, Filecoin, and Aleo. We ranked second in Aleo's testnet, which gives Opside the confidence to perform PoW. We maintain very good relationships with most major miners and mining pools in the circle.

Please feel free to send your miner application to

As for our upcoming offline itinerary:

We will attend several major conferences around the world. Confirmed events include the upcoming Paris ETHCC, Webx in Tokyo, South Korea's Blockchain Week in early September, Singapore's Token 2049, and the ZKSummit in London.

Who have we been in contact with so far?

Without exaggeration, we have interacted and communicated with over 150+ project teams. Some of them you may already have seen on our official website, while others, some very big ones, we are still in further communication with, as they also need to assess Opside, which is a relatively lengthy process. However, most project teams are very optimistic about the future of ZK-Rollups and are willing to collaborate with us. We are working hard to communicate with most of the project teams, scheduling, and deploying. In the future, you will see more project teams utilizing Opside's infrastructure.

Mainnet Launch and TGE Dates:

The mainnet is scheduled to launch around Q1-Q2 next year. We will adjust based on the testnet's performance and future market conditions. The TGE time will be roughly the same as the mainnet launch time.

Moving forward, we plan to hold regular community calls each month. These calls will enable us to deeply connect with our community, listen to your needs, and jointly develop the Opside network with our global community. Looking forward to growing together!

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