ZKFair will launch the first community owned ZK L2 and airdrop 100% of the tokens to the community


The ZK landscape faces injustice, an inflated valuation, and dominance by venture capitalists. In response, we changed the name and redesigned everything, giving rise to the ZKFair initiative—a clarion call for the community to rectify the distorted ZK ecosystem. This article explores the hurdles, the visionary ZKFair movement, and the potential for a vibrant, community-driven ZK L2 network.

ZKFair will launch it’s Testnet on 6th DEC, and Mainnet launch around on 20th.

The Current Challenges with ZK

ZK faces hurdles such as an excessively high valuation, insurmountable barriers to user participation, and most of the time monopolization by VCs.

Furthermore, existing ZK L2 solutions lack differentiation, leading to user disengagement and manipulation. Many projects in the crypto space encourage users to interact as much as possible to earn corresponding transaction fees. Users often find themselves manipulated or sidelined.

The call for a fair and user-friendly ZK L2 network is loud and clear – it's time for the community to rise and reclaim its power.

ZKFair: A Community-Driven Uprising

Imagine an L2 ZK network, not governed by external forces but propelled entirely by the community, built on the bedrock of fairness and justice. ZKFair is that vision – a platform for active community participation where users contribute to ZK's evolution and reap rewards that mirror their dedication.

ZKFair is a departure from the status quo, championing community-driven values:

  • Every token is launched fairly with a super low initial evaluation, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the venture.

  • All rewards and gas fee revenue will flow back to the community.

  • ZKFair yearn for a proliferation of creative projects on ZKFair, where anyone can propose ideas for community development.

On the technical side, ZKFair leverages the cutting edge ZK technology, some highlights:

  • The first L2 to use USDC as the gas token, providing users with a stable and transparent fee structure.

  • The first ZK-Rollup based on Polygon CDK & Celestia DA.

  • The first L2 to support atomic cross-rollup communication, allowing users to directly interact with Dapps on Ethereum L1.

  • The first L2 to support the Lumoz decentralized prover network, providing more stable and reliable zero-knowledge proof computation.

We embrace the true decentralized power of the community. In the early stages, community voting will elect 11 governance members, empowering every member to help steering ZKFair's future. ZKFair will adopt a democratic approach ensures power balance, giving every community user true decision-making authority.

Note that Lumoz only provides technical support, including ZKP proofs. ZKFair is a community-owned, community-driven experimental L2 network.

Learn more about ZKFair: https://docs.zkfair.io/

Harnessing the Wisdom of the Crowd

Recognizing the monotony in current applications and indistinguishable ZKEVMs, we yearn for a change, a diverse ecosystem. ZKFair beckons ordinary individuals to contribute – whether through promotion or construction – with the goal of making ZK more accessible and user-friendly. Creative projects are not just encouraged; they are celebrated on ZKFair, bringing rewards to those who dare to innovate. At near future, ZKFair aims to integrate with the BTC ecosystem and has the potential to function as an L2 solution for Bitcoin. By sparking creativity and empowering diverse ZK projects, the community becomes the driving force behind innovation and differentiation in the ZK space.

Join the Venture!

The ZK ecosystem faces challenges in fairness and user participation. ZKFair emerges as a beacon, advocating for a community-driven ZK L2 network. The future relies on community efforts for a technically robust, fair, and accessible ZK ecosystem. Join us in shaping this journey—engage in discussions, share ideas, and contribute to ZKFair. Your involvement is vital in creating a ZK ecosystem that reflects user will and brilliance. Together, let's redefine the future of ZK, where every voice matters.

ZKFair will launch it’s Testnet on 6th Dec, and Mainnet launch around on 20th. Join us in this adventure toward a more inclusive, fair, and innovative ZK L2 network!

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