September Rollups Data Analysis: Optimism Turns Loss into Profit, zkSync Achieves Daily Revenue of $160,000

Since the release of the Rollup August Data Analysis report, Lumoz(formerly Opside) has also received positive feedback from community users. Now, we are introducing the Rollups September Data Analysis, hoping to continuously help everyone understand the overall development of the Layer2 track.

The following are some of Layer2 solutions on the market (Polygon zkEVM, Arbitrum one, Optimism, zkSync Era, Linea, Base, etc.), and their specific data performance in September is as follows:

(PS:September ETH closing price was $1671.16)

Here is an analysis of the data for Rollup solutions, focusing on four key aspects: transaction activity, user fees, revenue performance and expenses, and net profit.

1. Transaction Activity

  • Using the average daily transaction count as an indicator, zkSync and Base are the two most active platforms, with average daily transaction counts of 978.13K and 858.78K respectively.

  • Metis and Polygon have relatively lower transaction activity, with average daily transaction counts of 14.95K and 28.08K respectively.

2. User Fees

  • Using average GasFee as an indicator, Metis has the highest average GasFee at 17.508 Gwei, while Arbitrum has the lowest GasFee at only 0.101 Gwei.

  • Lower GasFees help attract more users and increase the platform's appeal.

3. Revenue Performance and Expenses

  • In terms of average daily revenue (Daily Gas Fee paid to L2), zkSync performs the best, reaching $168.50K, while Polygon zkEVM has the lowest average daily revenue at only $4.61K.

  • In terms of average daily expenses (Daily Gas Fee paid to L1), Mantle has the lowest expenses at only $0.73K, while zkSync has the highest expenses at $110.87K.

4. Net Profit

  • Net profits are calculated by subtracting average daily expenses from average daily revenue. In this regard, Metis has the highest net profits at $71.36K, while Optimism finally turns the loss into profit with net profits of $4.24K.

  • However, Polygon zkEVM has negative net profits of -$0.51K, indicating that its expenses exceed its revenue.

  • Base also has negative net profits of -$1.23K, possibly due to setting the GasFee too low.


  1. zkSync and Arbitrum excel in terms of transaction activity, with high average daily transaction counts, which can be attributed to their relatively low fees and active dApp ecosystems.

  2. Metis has relatively high user fees, but performs well in terms of net profits, possibly due to the higher fees resulting in fewer transactions.

  3. Revenue performance and expenses are crucial for the healthy development of a platform, and a balance is needed to ensure long-term sustainability. Optimism has turned the loss into profit through fee adjustments, but Polygon zkEVM has incurred a slight loss. However, Polygon zkEVM can address the issues of transaction volume and net profits by promoting an active dApp ecosystem. Base has significantly increased its transaction volume this month, but the relatively low GasFee of 0.297 Gwei (compared to 0.749 Gwei last month) has led to insufficient revenue to cover the expenses incurred by submitting transactions to the mainnet.

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