Opside is Now Lumoz,Initiating the ZK-RaaS Era

On October 12th, we are thrilled to announce that Opside has officially upgraded to Lumoz! This marks a significant step forward in Lumoz's development journey. At the same time, we also hope to take this opportunity to enable global users to better understand and apply ZK-Rollup technology, facilitate the large-scale implementation of zkEVM-based application chains, and further drive innovation in ZK technology.

Lumoz (formerly Opside) officially launched its Testnet at the end of May this year and has been running smoothly for five months with continued strong participation from the global community. As of now, we have accumulated over 240,000 independent users, 25,000+ PoS Validators, and 100+ PoW miners. Additionally, more than 15 projects have passed official review and generated customized zkEVM application chains on Lumoz (formerly Opside) platform.

Why Rebranding?

Over the past year, Lumoz (formerly Opside) has achieved remarkable success. In the current landscape of RaaS (Rollup as a Service), Lumoz (formerly Opside) is the first and only platform dedicated to ZK-Rollup as a Service, providing underlying computational power.

The name Opside originated from "Operator," but as Optimistic Rollup gradually gained more attention, we noticed that an increasing number of users incorrectly classified Opside as part of the Optimistic Rollup field.

Furthermore, Opside has made steady progress in 2023, successfully launching the Pre-Alpha testnet, ZK-Rollup Launchbase, ZKP Two-step Algorithm, NCRC protocol, and other important user features. We have also established good communication and collaboration with numerous leading zkEVM projects, modular components, and third-party service providers within the ZK space, covering and involving a significant portion of the vertical direction in this field.

In summary, the functionality and offerings provided by Opside can no longer be simply summarized by the term "Operator," and the original name may lead to unnecessary confusion. Therefore, we believe that comprehensive rebranding is necessary.

Why Lumoz?

After deciding on the rebranding, the team took prompt action and conducted multiple brainstorming sessions internally. We also sought advice from hundreds of community users and industry experts worldwide. As a result, the new name "Lumoz" was chosen.

Lumoz is derived from the Latin word "Lumos," meaning "light" or "brightness." It draws inspiration from J.K. Rowling's bestselling novel series "Harry Potter," where "Lumos" is a spell used to illuminate the tip of a magic wand, creating light. By replacing the "s" with "z," "Lumoz" cleverly associates with "zk" (Zero-Knowledge) technology, forming a unique identifier.

Additionally, for those familiar with Lumo, it resembles the orbital of a molecule, similar to an L2. We hope that Lumoz can become a beacon of light on the ZK track, illuminating the path for the widespread adoption of ZK-Rollup technology.

Lumoz's Vision: Making ZK-Rollup Within Reach

Since its inception in 2022, Lumoz (formerly Opside) has been committed to its mission of making ZK-Rollup technology more accessible and user-friendly. To achieve this, Lumoz (formerly Opside) was among the first in the industry to introduce the concept of ZK-RaaS (ZK-Rollup as a Service), catering to the needs of developers to create customized ZK-Rollup (zkEVM application chains) across multiple L1 networks.

Over the course of more than a year since Lumoz (formerly Opside) was established, the team has remained persistent in overcoming challenges and achieving significant milestones. In May 2023, with the launch of the Pre-Alpha incentivized testnet, the functionality of one-click deployment of zkEVM application chains underwent successful small-scale testing. In August of the same year, Lumoz (formerly Opside) also made significant updates to the ZK-Rollup Launchbase, adding support for ETH/BSC/Polygon testnets as options for the Rollup L1 main chain and providing various modular components such as DA/shared sequencers.

Today, an increasing number of developers/users are utilizing Lumoz (formerly Opside)'s no-code ZK-Rollup Launchbase to create customized zkEVM application chains. Additionally, during operation, Lumoz (formerly Opside) provides underlying computational power for general ZKP computations through the Decentralized Prover Network, allowing project teams to focus on subsequent operations. This significantly lowers the barriers to using ZK technology and reduces operational costs for project teams, while also effectively promoting the widespread adoption of ZK-Rollup technology.

Towards the "Light," Lumoz has a bright future

With this rebranding, it is evident to the world that Lumoz (formerly Opside) is determined to continue its long-term build in the direction of ZK-RaaS. Looking ahead, we will strictly adhere to the roadmap's plan:

  1. Supporting more zkEVM types: Currently, Lumoz (formerly Opside) supports zkEVM types such as Polygon zkEVM and zkSync, with plans to support Scroll, StarkNet, and others in Q4. By continuously expanding support for zkEVM types, Lumoz (formerly Opside) aims to meet the needs of different developers and projects, thereby promoting widespread adoption of ZK-Rollup technology.

  2. Optimization of ZK-Rollup Launchbase: While the current ZK-Rollup Launchbase already meets the demands of most people, in our plans, these are just the basics. In the future, Lumoz (formerly Opside) plans to provide more modular components (such as integrating more third-party DAs) and functionalities to further simplify and accelerate the deployment of zkEVM application chains.

  3. Continued expansion of ecosystem collaborations: As of now, Lumoz (formerly Opside) has made significant progress in ecosystem development, with nearly a hundred ecosystem projects covering various domains such as GameFi, DeFi, NFT, Social, and Tool. In the future, we will actively seek opportunities to collaborate with more high-quality projects and strengthen innovative applications at the practical level, while sharing resources and traffic, effectively driving the adoption of ZK-Rollup technology.

  4. Developing the miner ecosystem and lowering CPU & GPU entry barriers: With the gradual maturation of ZK-Rollup technology, there may be hundreds or even thousands of ZK-Rollups in the future, which will create a significant demand for ZKP computing power. Lumoz (formerly Opside) currently incentivizes miners to provide ZKP computing power through the ZK-PoW mechanism, thereby providing complete hardware infrastructure for ZK-Rollup. Therefore, miners will be an important component of the entire ecosystem. To that end, we have been actively adjusting the entry barriers for CPUs and GPUs. The ZKP two-step commitment algorithm proposed by our team has greatly improved the efficiency of ZKP generation. In the future, we will continue to make efforts at both the software and hardware levels to protect the rights and interests of miners to the maximum extent.

  5. Facilitating the popularization and promotion of ZK-Rollup technology: While constantly seeking technological breakthroughs, we also aim to make more people aware of and utilize ZK-Rollup, pushing it to the forefront of wider applications. Therefore, in our future plans, Lumoz (formerly Opside) will not only participate in more industry summits/exchanges but also actively disseminate knowledge about ZK-Rollup to developers and users through hackathons, RaaS Days, and other means, providing support and guidance to better assist them in achieving innovation in their respective fields using ZK technology.

In Conclusion

The potential of ZK-Rollup technology is unquestionable, and Lumoz (formerly Opside) firmly believes in it. Through this brand upgrade, we not only demonstrate our unwavering determination but also convey our mindset. We wholeheartedly invite all Web3 Builders to join the Lumoz (formerly Opside) network, witness this transformative journey, and become an integral part of the ZK-Rollup revolution.

Currently, the Lumoz (formerly Opside) Testnet remains open, welcoming community users, developers, and industry enthusiasts who are interested in participating. By contributing their efforts, they have the opportunity to earn points, which can be exchanged for Lumoz (formerly Opside) Mainnet tokens upon its launch next year.

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