coil /koil/ noun: turmoil

also: “When we have shuffled off this mortal coil*”*—William Shakespeare.

coil /koil/ noun 2a**:** wire wound around a core to create a magnetic field.

kundalini /ˌko͝ondəˈlēnē/Sanskrit adjective: female energy coiled at the base of the spine.

also: “the coiled power” to reach an expanded state of consciousness—Eknath Easwaran.

I’m Lunar Violet -- a podcast writer, producer, and emerging film3maker. I’ve been an artist/writer since my mother sat me down at the age of four to write my name and address. I immortalized the memory in my first sold-out limited edition zine from 2018, “Slash Marks”.

If you subscribe to my web2 blog, you’ll get a free PDF of “Slash Marks,” including thumbprints. Then unsubscribe after you get the PDF, so you can subscribe here:

I’d like to offer a free NFT when you subscribe, but until I figure that out, here you have a two-step solution. You could also stay subscribed to both. They’ll have slightly different content, though there may be some overlap.

My podcast -- Don’t Be Poor with Lunar Violet -- was called “Adult Papers” for three years. It was a Zine series for two years before that (Slash Marks was issue no. 1.) I have limited physical copies of issues 2-5, as well as prints and paintings from the 2018 conception that happened somewhere between my dreams and studio at Sunset in Oak Cliff, Dallas. In the snail-like concept of single-motherland time, I’ll re-release the zines as NFTs and mail you the physical companion.

In present-time reality, I’m collaborating with Lxrd Ox. Our first drop is scheduled for the first week of April. I’m getting my ducks in a row to shoot my first short film later this year, and I’ll continue to share audio, video, and writing here as well as the Substack.

luego /lwe-ɣo/ adverb: later

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