Jam Review No. 2: MultiverseDAO
April 18th, 2022

From April 14, MetaJam, which went live in public beta at the end of March, has launched Jam Review, a regular feature of Web3 products that have registered to create profiles, to encourage all Web3 BUIDL friends to test and review these products and participate in helping these projects grow from product, recruitment, community to financing.

Currently, MetaJam's Project Dashboard is still under development and is scheduled to go live by the end of April. So, please feel free to leave comments by clicking the Notion link on MetaJam's homepage.


What does your product do?

MultiverseDAO is the world's first Decentraland expansion platform. It builds a UGC metaverse where everyone owns the land, and jointly builds a metaverse crypto economy. The platform's land supply is determined by the population base. In the future, one piece of land can support the construction of N parallel worlds.

MultiverseDAO released the world's first Metaverse Land Declaration. The platform has a vision that “all people deserve a land in the metaverse.”

The platform supports the X to EARN model, and users and content creators are incentivized with rewards by playing and creating.

The main staff of MultiverseDAO previously worked for the Decentraland Foundation.

What unique value does your product features bring in?

  1. MultiverseDAO is EVM compatible (Decentraland Engine Virtual Machine compatible). It also supports the standard glTF format and realizes the interoperability of metaverse scenes and wearables.
  2. MultiverseDAO changes the land supply mechanism and stimulates user creativity. The land has either the category of editing rights or ownership rights. Editing right land does not have a total supply, and all comes from airdrops. Ownership land currently have 200,000 pieces for sale, to meet the construction and investment of the double demand.
  3. Compared with the single area and triangular surface of Decentraland, MultiverseDAO is 4 times higher, and each piece of land is 1024 square meters, which is larger.
  4. MultiverseDAO will build a construction NFT trading marketplace to release UGC creations and increase the income of builders.

What need/problem does your product meet/fix?

There are some pain points lied in Metaverse:

  1. 300 million crypto users create a large demand for metaverse land, and the holding ratio is less than one in ten thousand.
  2. Limiting the total amount contradicts the positioning of UGC and hinders the participation and value creation of the metaverse.

The solution MultiverseDAO provide is, through cooperation with BrightID, airdrops land with editing rights, to support the motto "All people deserve a land in the metaverse.” This increases the proportion of land ownership in the metaverse and stimulates the participation of the society at large in the construction of the metaverse and value creation.

How does your product set aside from your competition?

  1. MultiverseDAO scales Decentraland which solves the problems currently encountered by Decentraland, lack of space, and an affordable entry. This jointly creates a global crypto metaverse standard.
  2. MultiverseDAO changes the land supply mechanism and increases the proportion of metaverse land holdings which solves the demand from crypto users for metaverse land. At the same time, this stimulates the population to participate in the construction of the metaverse and value creation
  3. MultiverseDAO has a Rapid iteration concept that built a metaverse ecological alliance, which puts content construction at the core of the platform, enriching the metaverse scene.
  4. MultiverseDAO allows for Technology upgrades, constantly breaking through the limitations of the existing hardware network on the metaverse, improving the access speed of the metaverse, and improving the image quality of the metaverse.

What’s your growth path in the short, mid, and long-term?

  1. Through the X to EARN gameplay, the creators are rewarded, and more players are attracted. This leads to more scenes and experiences which further increases use and scale. X to Earn offers more than just play to earn, but X equals numerous models of earning.
  2. MultiverseDAO plans to Collaborate with multiple communities to introduce MultiverseDAO and increase the user base.
  3. In the near future, MultiverseDAO will sponsor various metaverse competitions to cultivate a spectrum of metaverse construction talents.

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