Jam Review No. 10: X-Mob
May 26th, 2022

The ETH Shanghai Hackathon started last Friday, May 20, and more and more Web3 projects and products are creating project profiles in MetaJam, hoping to find people to form teams, get exposure and collaborate in this Web3 BUIDL network.

The 10th Jam Review recommends X-Mob, a Dapp for buying and selling NFTs with friends, which is an entry in the ETH Shanghai Hackathon.




What does your product do?

X-Mob is a Dapp that helps people to buy and sell NFT with their friends.

What unique value does your product features bring in?

  • Allowing everyone to obtain blue chip NFT shares at low cost through the group purchase design,
  • Getting rid of the inefficiency of investment DAO’s investing in NFT in terms of selling through the design of front-loaded voting
  • Automatic delivery through smart contracts to solve the problem of NFT shares (fragments) easily decoupled from the market
  • The design of group purchase + automatic delivery enables the smallest size of NFT index issuance so that any user can issue an NFT index through X-Mob

What need/problem does your product meet/fix?

  • The group purchase lowers the entry barrier for users who need a low-cost way to invest in NFTs because the current average floor price of NFT has reached more than $ 1000 and even higher price for blue chip NFTs.
  • NFT derivatives markets that are currently scarce need more tools to hedge the risk of investment, therefore, NFT shares (fragments) that can be delivered in the real market will engage more arbitrageurs in the market.
  • The investment DAOs governed by multi-signature wallets have low efficiency in investing and selling, such DAOs whose members are more than 20 people virtually use the traditional VC's general partner model to tackle the problem.
  • X-Mob avoids a circumstance where the assets are locked in the contract because the members disagree with the terms of NFT selling due to the governance introduced to the current fragmentation scheme.

How does your product set aside from your competition?

The current DAO governance approach occurs the problems of inefficient investment and an unclear exit process when the number of members exceeds 20, and the existing Fractional-like solutions tend to decouple the value of fragments from the real market as they build additional liquidity in the third-party market. X-Mob, through its product design, allows users to vote only once, while realizing NFT assets are automatically delivered to the real market through smart contracts, getting rid of two problems mentioned above.

  • Fractional: fragmentation solution, NFT selling process is inefficient, and the value of fragments is easily decoupled from the market due to the adoption of DAO governance
  • Partybid: has a good buying experience, but since it is a Dapp grafted on Fractional, NFT selling will have the same problem
  • Mesha: a VC portfolio management tool for multi-signature solutions, suitable for groups of less than 10 people to make decisions, suitable for the traditional VC
  • Priysm: NFT KOL fundraising tools to help KOL set up their own NFT fund, the same multi-signature program, suitable for traditional VC general partner model

What’s your growth path in the short, mid, and long-term?

Operate mainly for the following scenarios:

  • Hot trend - reducing the loss of users to zero by means of a group purchase, while allowing users not to miss some opportunities
  • Blue chip index - for the existing blue chip NFTs, contact users with social assets, through X-Mob to issue different attributes of the blue-chip NFT index

Product Plan:

  • Alpha version to go live in mid-June, allowing users to group buy and issue index
  • P2P trading product to solve the liquidity problem of NFT shares through arbitrage
  • Data tools to guide users to better select NFT asset targets

More discussion in the discord channel:

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