CryptoKitchen23 - Let's Cook at Istanbul in 18 Days

By Jessie

From November 10th to 19th, CryptoKitchen23, initiated by Odyssey DAO, DataverseOS, Fusion Labs, Buidler DAO, and Fat Garage, in Istanbul, Turkey, will invite thought leaders and founders of pioneering projects in crypto to serve as chefs, and to share with builders and cryptopians around the globe the thoughts, actions, and stories behind their explorations into creativity, through afternoon tea, culinary delights, and more.

Despite the crypto winter and the turmoil in the Middle East, many crypto builders, developers, researchers, and cryptopians from all over the world are flocking to Istanbul, Turkey, the millennium metropolis that straddles the continent of Eurasia and connects the civilizations of the East and the West, to immerse themselves in a series of crypto events, such as ZuConnect, LabWeek23, Binance Blockchain Week 2023, and Devconnect, where they will be able to share the latest crypto technologies and hack Web3 projects this November.


During this exciting gathering, here is an invite from CryptoKitchen23! You'll have the opportunity to explore the people and stories behind the remarkable ecosystems, products, or projects in the crypto space and engage in meaningful conversations with the community as you craft signature dishes and savor the flavors of Turkish cuisine, renowned as one of the Three Grand Cuisines.

What is Crypto Kitchen?

CryptoKitchen23 is a brand-new event initiated by Odyssey DAO, DataverseOS, Fusion Labs, Buidler DAO & Fat Garage, a gathering spot and relaxed backstage story and intersection for various crypto ecosystems.

CryptoKitchen23 will be hosted as a daily themed event, in formats like workshops 🥪, open kitchen talks 🥘, and fireside chats 🌶, determined in collaboration with the guests, invited chefs, and participants. We can all work together to organize gatherings and sharing sessions, while also planning for documentaries, blogs, and live content!

Why Crypto Kitchen?

A kitchen is a realm of creativity, where culinary arts meet our basic needs. In the Crypto world, we often explore the vast digital landscape of numbers and intangibles. But right here and right now, we have the chance to merge this digital realm with the tactile reality of a kitchen. This is where we use food and tools to not just cook but BUIDL, without rigid plans. It's about embracing the present moment.

CryptoKitchen23 - The Cuisine Decameron about Crypto

Every day from November 10th to 19th, CryptoKitchen23 will invite thought leaders and pioneering project founders from different ecosystems, projects, and organizations to be the chef of the day, either on their own or together with local Turkish chefs, to "cook" crypto menu and share it with the invited participants. ......

Check the chefs out at
Check the chefs out at

The crypto menu by CryptoKitchen23 will cover the most leading and talked about thesis and narratives in the crypto space today:

  • Network State in the New Roman Empire

  • Infinite Game & Autonomous World

  • Desocial: Where Individual Becomes a Node in the Network

  • Private ZK Entrance to the Kitchen: The Ultimate Use Cases

  • On-Chain Governance: How to Improve the Coordination Landscape

  • Kitchen Tool DePIN: Cook with the Future of Decentralized Infrastructure

  • Login & Messaging: The Dilemma of Crypto Wallet

  • Decrypt ZK Privacy Solution and Use Cases for the Institutions?

  • SpringX: Next Gen Web3 Startups Acceleration

  • Standup Comedy: Blockchain was cool until…

  • DAO Community Block Party

The events of CryptoKitchen23 will be held at two different venues -

  • Chef House: a landscaped residence in the center of Istanbul with a view of the Bosphorus, with full amenities and easy access to the city, while accommodating 30-50 participants.

  • HackerSpace: with the support of partners such as Consensys, DAOist, and Linea, CryptoKitchen will also be hosting a larger event in their co-working space 🤫.

CryptoKitchen23 has limited space on-site and will only host special guests and registered pre-qualified crypto builders and enthusiasts who are in Istanbul during the period.


However, in order to broaden the impact and precipitate content, CryptoKitchen23 will seek permission from the co-organizers and chefs to live stream and record the following daily events.

  • X Space - To maximize outreach and inform a broad audience about the event's objectives, content, and significance, multiple X-Space sessions will be conducted before, during, and after CryptoKitchen23

  • YouTube Live - CryptoKitchen23 will host live YouTube streams, providing additional opportunities for viewers to join Chef's keynote sessions during the event. Please note that these streams will not include live networking.

  • Podcast - To ensure lasting dissemination, we are creating a series of podcasts that delve into the behind-the-scenes stories of the 'chefs' participating in CryptoKitchen23.

  • Video - All the chefs' sharing and conversations that occurred in CryptoKitchen23 will be refined as a documentary that strives to be a part of crypto history.

Feel free to check out CryptoKitchen23 at

Who Initiated Crypto Kitchen?

The Crypto Kitchen is initiated by a group of crypto-native friends* aiming to unite sovereign individuals, fostering a culture of creation and immersion in the crypto realm.

  • We firmly believe that crypto represents an intersection of diverse elements, and this belief profoundly influences our approach to delivering fresh and enchanting experiences with each event we design.

  • Our emphasis is on fostering freedom of movement, thought, and action, as we prioritize building bridges between communities rather than confining them within rigid labels. In the crypto industry, individuals are known for their adaptability and co-creative potential, stemming from their diverse backgrounds and cultures.

  • We aspire to use culture as a unifying force, bringing people, spaces, and ideas closer together within this inclusive lifestyle.

Kitchen Supporter Debut

As of October 22, the first batch of CryptoKitchen23 supporters has been unveiled!

1inch, 3WW3, Aspecta, Atticc, Biconomy, CoinFund, Cointelegraph, Consensys, Cookbook, Daoist, Delendum, De Things, EBunker, Figment Capital, Filecoin, Halborn, HERDAO, Lify+, Linea, Lita, Litentry, Meta Era, Network State Protocol, NewTribe Capital, PowerPod, SheFi, Social Layer, Sushi, The Pass, Viti Diary, Web3Mind, zkPass

*The above supporter logos are listed in alphabetical order

Stay tuned!

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