Jam Review No. 12: CreatorDAO
May 30th, 2022

The results of the ETH Shanghai Hackathon will be announced this Friday, June 3. Many registered Web3 projects and products have already created project profiles in MetaJam, hoping to find people to form teams, exposure and promotion, and seek cooperation in this Web3 BUIDL network.

Today, Jam Review features CreatorDAO, a unique Web3 commission platform that promotes the re-creation of NFT and metaverse, as an entry in the ETH Shanghai Hackathon.



What does your product do?

We are building a platform to allow anything to be commissioned (e.g. Image, Audio, 3D, Lore, Animation, etc). From vision to imagination to creation, spreading seeds with unlimited potential into the metaverse.

We believe the NFTs space is entering the next stage, where original NFTs holders need new creativities and stories for their NFTs. For every BAYC, every Azuki, there could be an independent brand or even a specific metaverse.

And we are a DAO making it possible.

What unique value does your product features bring in?

On one side, CreatorDAO can help creators quickly understand web3 and get involved by being commissioned.

On the other side, NFT holders can expand the possibility of their NFTs by commissioning artists to concretize their imagination.

The re-created artworks and stories born with them belonged to the original NFT holders, but they are also a part of our many specific collections just like the Resident Series showcased below.

What need/problem does your product meet/fix?

Firstly, we are ahead of the market. Most people in NFTs space are still playing the zero-sum game, which is the first stage of NFTs. We need to act and spread awareness by providing the best service for the few who already realized what’s going to happen next. And we are doing exactly that. We welcome anybody who is interested in joining our course and getting ahead of the trend.

Secondly, we keep looking for more creators to join. So far, we had 20+ artists on board and many wonderful works had been produced. The market keeps giving us exciting feedback and the demand is high (30+ requests waiting in the line). On average, every artist needs 5-10 days to produce a highly qualified work. So the demand is beyond our capacity at the moment. We need more creators to join!

How does your product set aside from your competition?

We are early in this NFTs creative commission space. Currently, we don’t see too many competitors at our level. There might be more competition in the future, especially when the market begins to mature. That’s why we are building solid advantages in three key aspects:

  1. Dominate the supply side. We are a growing artists community with 10+ artists with proven track records joining every week. Every artist joins by submitting commissioned work and hence adding value to our community. Selected artists can open up their commission stores in our community to make sure their business in CreatorDAO continues. At the current pace, we will be having a very strong artists base in just a few months.
  2. Strengthening the demand side relationship. We have already built strong ties with KOLs, entrepreneurs, and other people with significant influence in the NFTs space and we will continue expanding the reach and strengthening the bonds. We have done several airdrops with people in the BAYC community and there are 30 + incoming orders in the line. Apart from the BAYC community, we will also cover other blue-chip NFTs. The awareness of the CreatorDAO brand is spreading fast with increasing demand from blue-chip NFTs holders and it’s only the start of our plan. Just like NFTs, NTF creative service is all about branding and that’s exactly what we are building fast here.
  3. Strong community. We are a commission platform owned by the community. The CreatorDAO community is growing fast. Our business does not end with every completion of commission work. Each holder and artist is added to our community to become a part of the CreatorDAO. In the future, we could be many things, except a traditional company. Every member of CreatorDAO can contribute and benefit from the growth of our community.

What’s your growth path in the short, mid, and long-term?

  • Short-term: We focus on the most urgent matter: growing our customer and artist base. At this stage, we are putting all artists into three different categories, each with its own style. Every finished work will be put into one of the three collections and could be viewed by everyone on the Ethereum network. We plan to move fast and cover 300+ BAYC, Azuki, and other top-tier NFTs as soon as possible so the products by CreatorDAO can create a distinguished brand in themselves.
  • Mid-term: At this stage, we would welcome more styles and expressions of creativity. More categories and collections will be created as long as they can stand on their ground. Commission will be the major incentive for artists at this stage. After the establishment of our brand from the last stage, demands will naturally overwhelm supply so we will focus on bringing revenues to artists and help them build their own metaverses.
  • Long-term: This will be the ultimate stage where we see things grow into — a CreatorVerse with many subversives. Each collection will have its own story and metaverse, managed by a community led by one or several artists. Each metaverse is a brand in the future, so CreatorDAO could become the brand of brands or the cradle of metaverses. However, it is not the end of our vision, but a new start from where more interesting things will happen.

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