Jam Review No. 3: Dataverse
April 18th, 2022

Today’s Jam Review recommends Dataverse, a personal privacy folder system for the Web3. We welcome all those who are committed to Web3 BUIDL to test, reviews and participate in helping these projects grow from product, to recruitment, to community, to funding.

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  • As a web3 folder system, Dataverse is committed to tackling the problem known as data sovereignty pervasive in the open internet by building a secure private space for web3 dwellers. As it stands, Dataverse provides a browser plugin, as an information aggregator, for cross-platform and cross-chain NFT management, including features of curation, classification, and exploration. Currently, the Dataverse plugin has integrated nearly 30 public chains, some of which are Ethereum, Polygon, Tezos, Solana, BSC, and Flow. In addition, users are enabled to steadily curate YouTube videos, Mirror articles, pictures, ENS, and even more web2 content. Meanwhile, Dataverse supports curation of internet multidimensional content and web3 paid subscription under the premise of ensuring users’ data ownership, with an embedded slot for the extensible and personalized selection of module services any time soon.

    What unique value does your product features bring in?

    Dedicating to developing a web3 folder system, Dataverse serves as a secure environment for data interaction on the internet while taking into account the demanding seamlessness, security, privacy, and scalability. All efforts exerted are vital to produce the highest possible user experience as if it were a local folder and help users take the helm of their own data.

    On top of the guaranteed seamless experience and security, Dataverse aim to construct interest graphs and allow users to explore its extensibility as well. With this in mind, all curators on Dataverse are regarded as the maintainers of interest graphs simultaneously, whose responsibilities are to explore, filter, refine, and comment on various types of content, therefore, depicting unique interest graphs. The content can be the stew of song lists, video collections, article overviews, etc. Overall, it will constitute an open internet (including web2 and web3 multi-linked networks) with a highly scalable curation approach. Dataverse also supports paid subscriptions curation, offers access control and social interest modules for curated spaces, and will be compatible with applets in personal spaces to build slots for additional modules.

    What need/problem does your product meet/fix?

    1. Web2 monitored users’ behaviors and made a fortune by depriving most of the value generated from their content. Notably, web2 dwellers have completely lost their data sovereignty, under which circumstance, the need for a product that protects their data sovereignty and provides management of their information is overwhelming.
    2. The proliferation of content, accompanied by the rocketing internet development, has made it hard for users to capture what is truly needed. Hence, users demand a tool to help focus and improve accessibility, and someone else to collect and curate information for them.
    3. The production and lives can be largely online in the imminent future along with the trend to settle in the Metaverse. In this regard, a secure and private space to store assets, content, and memories for Metaverse residents is urgent. Besides, the space should work up interoperability in order to meet various needs.

    How does your product set aside from your competition?

    • Plugin and underlying data space architecture, ensuring both the scalability of the application layer and the security of data content
    • Secure and delicate personal space, while guaranteeing the seamlessness, privacy, and extensibility required for content management
    • Pluggablility — Dataverse provides applet slots in personal spaces, allowing users to freely select extensions and facilitating developers to enrich the Dataverse ecosystem
    • Cross-chain and open system — Dataverse integrates management of content on both web2 and web3, and adapts nearly 30 public chains for NFT curation on web3.

    What’s your growth path in the short, mid, and long-term?

    • Early: Integrate the “curation” and “collection” from most major public chains, refine the underlying secure folder system, provide open-source SDKs to develop Dataverse Mini-App Ecosystem, and complete the frame of curation and paid subscription.
    • Mid-term: Formulate datatoken standard, design proof-of-curation protocol, and improve the idea of curate-to-earn
    • Long-run: Formulate data exchange protocols based on datatoken protocol standards, develop data wallets and data swap within the Dataverse, and complete the design of an architectural mechanism that allows users to manage their personal data while ensuring the privacy and security

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