SwapChat, a Web3 Native Cross-Platform Chat Application Built for Web3 Users | Jam Review No. 21
October 10th, 2022

Today’s Jam Review features SwapChat, a Web3 native cross-platform chat application powered by Web3MQ, and built for web3 users.


  • Track: Social

  • Scouted by: Beryl

  • Site:

What does your product do?

SwapChat is a Web3 native cross-platform chat application incubated by S3 Labs, powered by Web3MQ, and built for web3 users. We provide a cross-platform chat messaging service that makes users' messages interoperable across different social platforms, encrypted, efficient, and borderless.

Users can message addresses across platforms such as OpenSea, Twitter, and Discord. SwapChat has also natively integrated trading tools and protocols such as Sudoswap, making it much safer to trade on SwapChat, compared to current messaging tools such as Discord and Telegram.

What unique value does your product features bring in?

With SwapChat, users can request an offer from the owner on their favorite NFTs via social platforms with just one click. Also, with SwapChat group chats, an exchange-enabled community space will be unlocked.

SwapChat allows NFT trading to be natively embedded throughout the site as users browse. By passing third-party NFT trading platforms, users will no longer need to frequently switch from social platforms to the marketplace, or the other way around. With SwapChat, we return to the community the value generated by the transaction.

The entire process is encrypted. Your chat data is only accessible to you and we do not collect any of your personal chat information.

What need/problem does your product meet/fix?

What is the current problem with those communication platforms?

Today, if you use any communication tool, you are sure to have your messages censored. Your privacy and safety are under the hand of those platforms and they are in great danger.

Furthermore, you cannot contact your friends on Instagram if you are using Twitter, as well as any other platform you may be using. But the internet promised to connect everyone when it was first created. This has to change.

Those platforms do not allow you to engage in a safe trading environment because that’s not their interest. You cannot trade with anyone you are talking to just in one place, this is not what efficient communication should be like.

What do we solve and how?

We make it possible to communicate with your friends end-to-end, no one has the key to see your content, except yourself. Blockchain technologies are created to protect transaction securities and we managed to make it a better means to transfer information.

We connect to mainstream platforms with our extension which shows as a bottom. With one click you can create your personal end-to-end communication channel with the certain person that you want. Most importantly, this is where you can communicate with any of your contacts without having to switch platforms.

We make it easy for users to trade their favorite NFTs using SwapChat. More than that you can talk to the owner of the NFT on Opensea and other platforms, this will make your trading experience more effective than ever — you talk, you agree, your bid, you get.

We only accept verified users at Swapchat, there’s no need to worry about the identity of whom you are talking to. You will be very sure it’s Elon Musk talking to you if he ever shows up at SwapChat.

How does your product set aside from your competition?

SwapChat allows our users to start secure and encrypted instant messaging powered by our underlying protocol, while supporting group chats in addition to peer-to-peer communication, allowing users attracted by the same NFT project to have a convergence platform to discuss and generate new ideas, while the discussion can also reverse the NFT trades, allowing not only buyers and sellers to communicate with each other but also buyers to buyers can also exchange information and give completely decentralized reviews.

Our message notification feature allows users to send and receive messages more efficiently, and get alerts when new messages come in. At the same time, we will open up public features for project parties. For project parties, this allows them to post updates directly to users with whom they have created SwapChat rooms.

Compared to competitors on the same track, we can achieve true peer-to-peer based on Web3MQ and guarantee that our overall network performance will not degrade as the number of network nodes increases.

Also, we support embedding SwapChat into almost any dApp scenario, and can be used directly as a reliable instant messenger.

What’s your growth path in the short, mid, and long term?

The core of the Swapchat is social communication while integrating the Sudoswap transaction function. In the future, we plan to cooperate with more projects to jointly help the landing of Web3 social application products and the construction of social systems. SwapChat will be developed together with the communication protocol behind it, Web3MQ, and will be a powerful part of its ecosystem to empower a new era of Web3 communication.

Web3MQ Roadmap is as follows:

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