CryptoKitchen23 Successful Feast in Istanbul while Crypto Converge Cuisine

From November 11th to 18th, CryptoKitchen23, initiated by Odyssey DAO, Fusion Labs, DataverseOS, Buidler DAO, and Fat Garage, held 9 consecutive events in Istanbul, Turkey, featuring lectures, roundtables, workshops, fireside chats, luncheons, closed-door meetings, video interviews, cooking shows, and more to share with builders and enthusiasts around the world the ideas, activities and stories of exploring the new Crypto world.

November 11: Network State Roundtable @Zuconnect Space

Time: 13:00 - 15:00

Theme: The Future Identity of Network States and Co-Living Communities

Host: zkPass, Network State Protocol, RnDAO

In this roundtable held at the Zuconnect co-working space, Francesca, the EU market head of zkPass, and Qibing Li, the chief architect of DataverseOS, deeply discussed the topic of what role the future identity of co-living communities plays in the building of network states.

November 14: DWeb Day @Terrace 41

Time: 11:00 - 16:00

Theme: DWeb Day - The Rise of Programmable Storage and Digital Identity

Host: Filecoin, DataverseOS, Atticc

Founders, architects, researchers, and investors from Protocol Labs, Filecoin, Ceramic, DataverseOS, Atticc, Zerion, and others conducted relaxed and in-depth sharing and exchanges on topics like programmable storage and data DAOs, decentralized identity, decentralized social networking, decentralized databases, and other next-generation World Wide Web topics.

Xiangyu, the product head of DataverseOS, introduces how to quickly deploy social networks on Dataverse computers.

Joel, the CTO of Ceramic, shares building decentralized reputation on Ceremic.

Hugo, the maintainer of IPFS Kubo, interprets why content addressing is the second best thing in the world.

Will Scott, the researcher engineer at Protocol Labs, introduces content addressing for a decentralized storage layer.

David, the CEO of Lit Protocol, introduces why we need a key network.

Long Fei, the developer advocate at Protocol Labs, shares the power of programmable storage and data DAOs.

Roundtable: Securing the Internet: The future of wallet, data and social infra by Zerion

  • Moderator:* Abi, the product head of Zerion (second from the right)*

  • Panelists:* Matt from Protocol Labs (first from the left), Tom from WalletConnect (second from the left), Matthias from Metamask (first from the right)*

Jason Kan, the co-founder of Atticc, shares the true meaning of social in Web3.

Anna Shakola introduces the Cointelegraph accelerator as the BD leader.

November 14: Zusocial Mini Demo @Terrace 41

Time: 16:00 - 18:00

Theme: Zusocial Mini Demo Day

Host: Social Layer

To give Hackers residing in the ZuSocial Hacker House more opportunities to discuss projects with each other, track the progress of projects, and hold two Mini Demo Days every week. On the afternoon of November 14, from 4 pm to 6 pm, Hackers shared the progress of their projects in the crypto kitchen, asked for the help they needed, and advanced the projects together with peers.

November 14: Voyage Waypoint @Consensys DevHub

Time: 18:00 - 21:00

Theme: The New Era of Wallets and Privacy Protection

Host: Consensys, Linea

The New Era of Wallets and Privacy Protection series of seminars held at the Consensys DevHub included two workshops introducing Conflux and XMTP, and two roundtable discussions on the dilemmas and solutions of wallets and ZK privacy solutions and institutional use cases.

Booga, the head of partnership at Zerion (left), and Christian Montoya, the product manager of Metamask Snap, discussed the dilemmas and solutions of crypto wallets.

Fabri Guespe, DevRel of XMTP, introduces how to use XMTP to build wallet messaging DApps.

Iryna Kaplun, the marketing manager of Conflux Network, introduces the way Conflux connect decentralized economies.


Roundtable: Decrypt ZK Privacy Solution and Use Cases for the Institution

  • Moderator:* David Shengart, general partner at UFVentures (first from the left)*

  • Panelists:* Igor Stadnyk, CTO of AirDAO (second from the left), KC, chief product officer of Lemonade and Network State Protocol (third from the left), Aetos, product head of zkPass (third from the right), James Bourque, CEO of (second from the right), Igor Barinov, co-founder of zkBob and Block Notaryzk (first from the right)*

November 14: Autonomous World Beta Test Night @Chef House

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Theme: Infinite Games and Autonomous World

Host: Fat Garage, Orangepaper

This developer meetup invited 4 builders at the forefront of full-chain games and the autonomous world to showcase what they have explored and built, and to discuss the building technology and applications of the autonomous world together.

0xhatsume from Blade Games demonstrates live how to craft blockchain experiences with Loot Royale and Dune Factory

Eric, the co-founder of Cellula, demonstrates how his product explores embracing emergence in artificial life.

Mike Lin, founder of GabbyWorld, shares the power of a fully AI-native environments.

JC, the co-founder of MoveSpace, shares Empowering Transparent and Incentivized Data on the Web3

November 15: ZK Day @Workinton

Time: 14:00 - 17:00

Theme: ZK Day - Private Entrance to the Kitchen & The Ultimate Use Cases

Host: zkPass, Taiko, Aleo, Starknet, zkLink

The ZK Day of CryptoKitchen23 consisted of three roundtable discussions, with co-founders, chief engineers, publishers, product managers, and BD directors from zkPass, Taiko, Linea, Aleo, zkSync, MetaMask, Starknet, Lita, HyperOracle discussing the technology trends and applications of zero-knowledge proofs.

Roundtable: The Investment and Regulatory Landscape in UAE

  • Moderator: Anna Shakola, BD head of Cointelegraph Accelerator (first from the left)

  • Panelist: Juliet Su, managing partner and ecosystem head of NewTribe Capital (second from the left). Igor Stadnyk, CTO of AirDAO (second from the right), David Shengart, general partner of UFVentures (first from the right)

Roundtable: Unveiling the Power of Zero-Knowledge Proofs in the Digital Age

  • Moderator: Anna Shakola, BD head of Cointelegraph Accelerator (first from the left)

  • Panelist: Jesse Rosenblatt, BD head of zkSync (second from the left), Simon Brown, blockchain ecosystem advisor at Consensys (middle), Brennen Schlueter, marketing director of Aleo (second from the right), Aetos, product head of zkPass (first from the right)

Roundtable: Onboarding the Next Generation of Developers into ZK Projects

  • Moderator: David Shengart, general partner of UFVentures (first from the right)

  • Panelist: Mirko Garozzo, developer evangelist at MetaMask (first from the left), Chewy, chief engineer at Lita Foundation (second from the left), Dave, DevRel head at Taiko (middle), Gnana Lakshmi, DevRel head at Starknet (second from the right)

November 16: DePIN Day @Workinton

Time: 10:00 - 14:00

Theme: DePIN, Building the Future of Decentralized Infrastructure

Host: PowerPod

This event focuses on the future of DePIN, the latest application and narrative, with chefs from PowerPod, IOTEX, and Future Money Group discussing the current state of DePIN's development, its technological underpinnings and practical applications, the key challenges facing DePIN technology, and how to build an educational strategy and ecosystem for users and developers.

EO, the co-founder of Future Money Group, shares his investment insights into the narrative of DePIN.

Lima, BD head & product manager at PowerPod introduces the real applications of DePIN and PowerPod.

Li Qibing, the chief architect of DataverseOS, introduces his decentralized computer operating system and its DePIN application scenarios.

Simone Romano, DevRel of IoTeX, shares his dive into challenges in the DePIN landscape.

November 16: Stanford BASS Lite Istanbul @Workinton

Time: 14:00 - 17:00

Theme: Stanford BASS Lite Sharing Session

Host: Stanford BASS, Eigen Layer, Flashbot, Longhash Ventures, Blockchain Builders Fund

​BASS Lite is the offshoot speaker series of the Blockchain Applications Stanford Summit ( - gathering our global community of developers, engineers, and researchers to connect and discuss blockchain's latest topics in depth.The BASS Lite Istanbul invited founders from Flashbots, Eigenlayer, and Succinct Labs to share the latest developments in MEV, Restaking, and ZK.

Tomasz Stanczak, CEO & Founder of Nethermind & Mate at Flashbot, introduces the latest developments in MEV.

Uma Roy, co-founder and CEO of Succinct Labs, introduces the latest developments in ZK.

Sreeram Kannan, founder and CEO of Eigenlayer, introduces the latest developments in Restaking.

November 17-18: SpringX Acceleration @Chef House

Time: 9:00 - 18:00

Theme: SpringX, Next-Generation Web3 Startup Accelerator

Host: Buidler DAO

This two-day closed-door meetup of the SpringX Accelerator in Istanbul, initiated by BuidlerDAO, invited Chinese Web3 entrepreneurs from the first phase of the accelerator to share and exchange in-depth.

Video Interview

Joel, CTO of Ceramic, Hugo, maintainer of IPFS Kubo, Will Scott, researcher at Protocol Labs, and other crypto builders accepted one-on-one video interviews with Crypto Kitchen.

Cooking Show

On November 15 and 18, Crypto Kitchen held two cooking shows, with builders from Taiko, zkPass, Supermoon, Conflux, Zerion, Odyssey DAO showing off their cooking skills, delighting everyone...

Thank You, Backers & Supporters

The first CryptoKitchen23 initiated by Odyssey DAO, Fusion Labs, DataverseOS, Buidler DAO, and Fat Garage was successfully held, thanks to the strong support of the following partners, we would like to express our gratitude!

Sponsor: Filecoin, Atticc, zkPass, Taiko, PowerPod, Stanford BASS, Linea, EBunker

Supporter: 1inch, Aleo, Aspecta, Biconomy, Ceramic, Cointelegraph, Consensys, Cookbook, Daoist, Delendum, De Things, Early Universe, Flowin, HERDAO, Lify+, Lita, Longhash Ventures, M7e Metaverse Special Task Force, Meta Era, Network State Protocol, NewTribe Capital, Orangepaper, SheFi, Social Layer, Starknet, Web3Mind, Wind Rise, Zerion, Asia-Africa Web3 Research Institute

Welcome to join Crypto Kitchen

The first CryptoKitchen23 successfully held in Istanbul, Turkey, is just a beginning. More surprises will be shared in the future, and everyone is welcome to join in the co-building. Please follow and participate through the following channels:




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