2022 ETH Shanghai Hackathon Kicking-off: MetaJam fully supports the building of Web3 BUIDL Network

2022 ETH Shanghai Hackathon is kicked off on May 20. As the community support partner of ETH Shanghai Web 3.0 Developer Summit and Hackathon, MetaJam has officially launched the ETH SHANGHAI Hackathon page!

From May 20 to June 3, the first ETH Shanghai Hackathon, a parallel event to the ETH Shanghai Summit, will be held online under the theme of “Next Generation Social Application", inviting Web3 enthusiasts and developers from around the world to focus on the close connection between the Internet and social responsibility, and to define the future of Web3 social by igniting their imagination on topics such as public chains, on-chain data analysis and decentralized social that are hotly discussed today.

The competition pooled over $140,000 in prize and brought together cutting-edge Web3 protocol developers to provide rich resources and SDE tools for the hackathon. Through the Hackathon, the organizers hope to work together to build a more open social space and create a co-managed, shared, decentralized governance structure.

MetaJam, dedicated to connecting Web3 builders and building the Web3 BUIDL Network, has partnered with the Bay Area's #1 Builder community Decode to meet the needs of the competition's organizers and participants after their registration on Gitcoin to create and launch a special page for the ETH SHANGHAI Hackathon, which will provide team recruitment & formation, project showcase, and social commenting to help developers from idea to product. Participants can create a project profile by clicking the Apply button in the upper right corner of the page.

How to get started with MetaJam? Watch the video -

For any questions, hackathon participants can find us on metajam channel on the ETH Shanghai Discord.

We wish all the builders of the ETH Shanghai Hackathon have a successful and rewarding event, WAGMI!


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