Jam Review No. 8: GOSH Realm
May 6th, 2022

Today Jam Review features GOSH Realm, the first stablecoin protocol with gamification. All dedicated Web3 BUIDLers are welcome to test and review this product and participate in helping the project grow from product, to recruitment, to community, to funding.

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GOSH Realm

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    What does your product do?

    GOSH Realm is the FIRST stablecoin protocol with gamification. To take the place of fiat stablecoins(USDC, USDT), GOSH Realm is creating an NFT-driven, mechanical transparent and crypto-native currency. GOSH Realm is the carrier platform for the algorithmic stablecoin GODL protocol and GOSH governance.

    What unique value does your product features bring in?

    GOSH Realm believes that gamification will change the world and this change must grow from the bottom up.

    We believe that if the crypto world's stablecoin remains in the hands of centralized institutions and the mechanics remain opaque, this stablecoin will fail to meet the real needs of the community and face an outcome that ultimately runs opposite to the whole crypto logic.

    We believe that projects in the crypto world need to be cultural, not just APY-driven. Without a better fun and engaging experience, and without bringing a new way of life to the community, eventually, the community will fall silent and lose its bottom-up viability.

    Decentralized stablecoins need deep liquidity, stable prices, and high governance participation to succeed. All of this needs to be backed by good algorithms, a community culture of faith and love, and a lower barrier to participation. Each of these issues has been explored by previous projects without clearly combining this logic and implementing it into a core project. GOSH Realm's goal is to provide a fun and immersive algorithmic stablecoin protocol that provides a collaborative and scalable stablecoin DAO for the entire crypto community, returning the freedom and control that has shaped the cornerstones of the Web3 world to its users.

    • Every user can have their own stablecoin entirely to themselves.
    • A fully community-owned stable currency that is 100% transparent and more viable.
    • A positive gaming token model where long-term participants will receive greater rights and benefits.
    • A new way of life, a deeper engagement with the crypto-native world through DAO collaboration, and a new experience of working and socializing.

    We advocate wild growth and free governance, working and developing together from the most initial state, to co-build a truly decentralized cultural DAO community.

    What need/problem does your product meet/fix?

    Starting with AMPL, many projects have experimented with different algorithmic stablecoin models. The ratio between the market cap of the entire algorithmic stablecoins and that of the centralized stablecoins has been narrowing, and the big competition between decentralized and centralized stablecoins for market share is on the horizon. At this point, a huge market of opportunity presents itself. The algorithmic stablecoin model is already ripe, and the need for a fully transparent, faith-based, community-driven, and controlled stablecoin has never been more urgent. As a result, GOSH Realm has decided to turn into this track in an exclusive way.

    In order to create a stablecoin system that is relatively volatility-resistant, value-backed, and highly utilized (by the broader ecosystem), the mechanics of algorithmic stablecoins are often quite complex, which creates a high barrier to community drive. Firstly, a large portion of the community members is stopped out of the algorithmic stablecoin world by complex instructions. They lack understanding of the overall concept and find it difficult to enter; secondly, there is no immersive operational approach. Users are only interested in the high APY incentive and pay little attention to the overall development of the project. It’s unlikely for them to develop faith.

    How does your product set aside from your competition?

What’s your growth path in the short, mid, and long-term?

Phase I Arousal

  • Milestone #1: Governance Token Launch
  • Milestone #2: BOND goes live
  • Milestone #3: Avatar NFT Mint

Phase II Sacrifice

  • Milestone #1: Gamification algorithm stablecoins Launch
  • Milestone #2: NFT mining goes live
  • Milestone #3: VeToken goes live
  • Milestone #4: NFT trading market online

Phase III Summon

  • Milestone #1: Release of Native Index
  • Milestone #2: Option betting mechanism
  • Milestone #3: Liquidity cooperation with game projects.

Phase VI Advent

  • Milestone #1: Designing a New Stable Currency Protocol Anchored to the Native Index

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