Jam Review No. 1: My Crypto Profile
April 18th, 2022

Since MetaJam's public beta launch on March 28, a significant number of Web3 products have registered to create profiles of their projects.

Starting from April 14th, MetaJam is launching Jam Review, a regular feature of Web3 products, to encourage all those who are interested in Web3 BUIDL to test and review these products and participate in helping these projects grow from product, community to funding.

Currently, MetaJam's Project Dashboard is still under development and is scheduled to go live by the end of April. So, please feel free to leave comments by clicking the Notion link on MetaJam's homepage.

My Crypto Profile

What does your product do?

My Crypto Profile (MCP), the PoC (Prove of Concept) application of aggregated identity developed by the Litentry team, it’s a decentralized Web3 personal data management tool designed for users to aggregate and manage their personal data in both Web2.0 services & Web3.0 blockchains and decentralized storage systems. With MCP, users are enabled to provide data access to 3rd party dApps to maximize personal identity value without compromising privacy & anonymity.

What unique value does your product features bring in?

  • Decentralized Identity Graph: we help the user-prove ownership of his accounts and data on different blockchains and create an identity cluster or graph
  • Cross-chain Identity Credentials: our library of identity labels makes the cross-chain identity data tangible and highlights credentials & user behavior
  • Aggregated ID dashboard: we offer a wide range of identity insights, trends relevant to the user's identity and offer new opportunities to use his aggregated identity
  • Privacy-preserving dApp access: we allow the dApps to get identity data under user authorization to preserve user privacy so that users get to stay anonymous

What need/problem does your product meet/fix?

  • Along with the development of the Web3.0 world, users have exploded data to organize and manage
  • Value maximization of the identities from the user’s view
  • Security concerns when users authorize 3rd party dAPPs to access their data

How does your product set aside from your competition?

  • MCP supports aggregation of users’ web2, multi-chain web3 data, and decentralized storage systems
  • MCP provides a close-loop aggregated identity ecosystem including identity aggregation service, DID-dashboard, data access, and authorization via MCP to the rest of web3 apps
  • MCP is backed and supported by Litentry blockchain, which provides users high security and data privacy protection

What’s your growth path in the short, mid, and long-term?

Our current roadmap is focused on the next 3-6 months and covers the shift from a centralized proof of concept toward a trustless decentralized service that provides verifiable credentials for cross-chain identity owners. The MCP framework needs to run on the Litentry blockchain, a decentralized identity aggregation protocol that supports privacy computation. The core components are the MCP Client and the Litentry Blockchain.

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