Windrose Times #8: Holiday Edition
December 30th, 2022

Hey whiskers 🐟 It’s the last month of the year! We hope you are having a great holiday season. ☃️ Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Creative Projects

This past month, we released Book Two of Burt and the Adventurer’s journey. As always, they can be found on our website in the Book of Ponds. Along with these, we've also posted a holiday short story to get you in the holiday spirit! 📖🎁

Have you ever wondered what the Whiskers collection's traits look like? We’ve finally laid them out next to each other for your enjoyment:

Just a portion of all our Inventory traits!
Just a portion of all our Inventory traits!

Last Fish! - The Whiskers Card Game

As the end of the year rolls around, we’re right on track with our new timeline surrounding the Last Fish card game. We have begun the art for our first expansion pack and are working on some cool mechanics for that expansion—and maybe even another one! 

Facebook ads are also in full swing, leading them to our Last Fish card game marketing landing page. The beginning of marketing always entails a lot of trial and error to learn how and who to best target, but w

e’re happy to say that the ads have been working well! As mentioned, our Kickstarter will be used mainly for marketing purposes, and you can look forward to some exciting prizes. Tier prizes may include clothing merch, expansion packs, the infamous Burt plushie, and special cards 🤩

We’ve also been in contact with some influencers and content creators to help us market the game. Sample packages have already been sent to them, and we are eagerly awaiting to see the awesome stuff they come up with! 🎨📹

Last Fish basics
Last Fish basics


A new quest recently ended on the 19th! Big thanks to all the creative submissions to the quest and your determination to save Burt from the Skullpicker Heron. You can look forward to the reward of an exclusive Soraya Mudpearl champion card, playable in the Last Fish card game! Also, Whiskers characters will be released very soon in World Wide Web 3! Keep your eyes open for an announcement about that.

In the Discord

This past month, the Discord was reorganized a bit to accommodate any newcomers who may have joined after seeing our Last Fish marketing. Keep in mind that some of these new fish may not be as familiar with The Great Pond, so please help us by giving them a warm welcome! Remember, as we become friendly towards a wider community outside of Web3, we will be able to recruit more members into The Great Pond and expand our world further, while building a strong community around our universe 🤗 We’re so excited to see more and more whiskers join The Great Pond!

Team Updates

The team has been on holiday from December 23rd and will be until January 2nd to spend time with our families and friends. We are getting in that well-deserved rest and will all be charged up to start the new year off right!

Interested in working with us? We are not hiring for any specific positions, but we are always open to hearing out ideas from new talent! Please send your proposal/resume/CV with a description of the role you think would be a great addition to the team to

From the Old Wizard (Rico’s Updates)

Hey all! I hope you’ve been enjoying the stories we’ve been releasing weekly as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them. I’ve been working on the expansions with Winnie, and we might have some really cool artwork to tease soon. I can’t wait to get Last Fish! A Whiskers Card Game in your hands, but I also want to make sure we make as big a splash as possible. I got to play a few games on Christmas and the day after with some friends, and we had a great time. I’m thinking of releasing the game on Tabletop Simulator so anyone can play it online even before the official physical release. Keep your eyes open!

Much love,

The Whiskers Team

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