Windrose Times #3
July 19th, 2022

Gm Whiskers 🐟 We had a great time at NFTNYC and it was a pleasure meeting some of our holders! After a small bout of COVID, we are back on track with continuing on the work ahead. Here’s what’s been happening this month!

Team Updates

First off, we’d like to welcome CHEERYBEE to the team as another supporting artist! They will be helping out with art for the Whiskers card game and supporting the creation of marketing assets. Here’s an example of their work.


As for the rest of the team, we’ve had 3 team features go out this month. Big thanks to Cal, Wolves and Winnie for sharing their experiences with Whiskers 🐟 We love the team!

In terms of structure, we’re happy to announce that we’ve decided to introduce a project management style to increase organization and improve workflows. We have broken the team down into 3 sections: Game/Art, Business and Community, with the super organized Max as the portfolio manager. Max will ensure that all teams mesh together and meet individual and company goals.

Whiskers is now also on Linkedin! Feel free to give us a follow as we’ll be posting more information about our team and hiring updates there. We are looking for beta testers for our card game as well as anyone who has experience in the card/tabletop gaming industry. If this sounds like you, please send your resume/CV to if you are interested in working with Whiskers!

Whiskers: The Game

The Whiskers Party Card Game is in full development! We are aiming for a release around the holidays season of 2022 (looks like it’ll make a great holiday gift 😉). Some tidbits of game info: there are 6 types of cards: attack, spell, instant, encounter, equipment and curse. We’ve designed it to be fun for anywhere between 2-6 players. As for art, the template is finished and we’ve brought on some extra help to streamline the creation. A sneak peek preview of what the art looks like can be found here!

Creative Projects

With the card game ramping up, the creative team has had a full workload, but they are also working on a select few other items that will add to the Whiskers experience. The map of the Great Pond has been drawn and it is beautiful. We will be releasing this in the near future, so look out for it. The main website’s timeline has been rescoped and will be coming out in the near future, but we’re taking our time with it to ensure that it comes out with all the functionality that we need. In the meantime, anything you might need can be found in our discord. Lastly, we are in the talks of merch (plushies??) and have come up with some preliminary designs for them, which we might tease in the coming weeks 👀

Collab art by @wagyubeefcurry
Collab art by @wagyubeefcurry

IRL Events

NFTNYC was amazing to say the least. We had so much fun getting to know everyone and meeting our friends irl! We started off with a big collaboration event with Starcatchers, Monstersuit, Vinnie Hager and Sprite Club at the Edge NYC. Those at the event took on a quest to find 2 keys held by Wolves and Max. Once those keys were found, they were able to unlock some alpha to our second event (plus some merch prizes!) 🔑

Our second event was held at Apotheke and it was a smaller, Whiskers-only event where we were able to chat with holders in a more intimate setting. With beautiful cocktails flowing and burlesque dancers performing, we all had an absolutely amazing time! As for the highlight of the evening, Wolves introduced Master Allard and the adventurer’s guild. Holders who attended got airdropped their gold insignias 🥇Holders who didn’t get gold insignias were then able to claim silver insignias online for a week. More information on insignias and what they do can be found in this tweet. This event served as the initiation to the adventurer’s guild and the beginning of some wonderful adventures to be had within the world of Whiskers 🎣

Some photos from the Starcatchers & Friends event
Some photos from the Starcatchers & Friends event


As mentioned, we kicked off the adventurers guild at NFTNYC. We are continuing to build out fun quests for our holders, with the third quest coming up. We have some juicy prizes in store for those who complete it!

Web3 Collabs

As everyone was gathering at NFTNYC, our collaborations were put on a short pause to give everyone a chance to focus on irl events. We’ve recently started ramping back up in terms of collaborations and have held giveaways with these amazing projects so far:

  • 24/7 comics
  • Defimons
  • Sidekast
  • Kosekai
  • SSA International
Collab art for 24/7 Comics by @wagyubeefcurry
Collab art for 24/7 Comics by @wagyubeefcurry

Rico’s Updates

Most of my focus right now is working on the card game and I just wanted to briefly mention how excited I am for the art especially. We're making dozens of card arts per week, all of which look incredible, and I can't wait to get this into the hands of all of you 😊 We'll definitely be picking some people from the server (at our sole discretion) to playtest the game with us as well so look forward to that! As always, thanks for reading and sticking with us! The World of the Great Pond wouldn't be the same without you.

The Old Wizard
The Old Wizard

Closing Remarks

As always, much love to our holders and we’re super excited for what’s to come. Don’t be afraid to approach the team with any questions, concerns or suggestions. We are always here to help and hear you out! ❤️

Much love,

The Whiskers Team

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